Philip K. Dick’s Bible for Sale

At the intersection of religion and science fiction, IO9 notes that Philip K. Dick’s annotated Bible is on sale on eBay for $6,500. If you are so inclined, and wealthy, please buy it for me! IO9 also notes William Gibson’s snarky Twitter comment that he will gladly write stuff in your Bible for less.

Elsewhere in sci-fi around the blogosphere, Political Jesus asks whether Octavia Butler predicted our current dystopian trends, and Phil Plait linked to a useful Doctor Who infographic as well as Doctor Who graffiti.

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  • Steve Douglas

    If you haven’t seen this video yet, I think it will be of special interest to you:

  • Michael Wilson

    does it have a little hollowed out space for hiding heroine?

  • James F. McGrath

    Steve, thanks for sharing that. It not only ties into the Matrix theme of this blog, but also illustrates why Philip K. Dick always needs to be mentioned in any discussion of religion and Sci-Fi.