Jesus and the Undead

This is an actual photo of the sign outside my church…

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  • Anonymous

    Sermon given by George A. Romero?

  • Brad Matthies

    If you convince them to have a sermon based on Darth Vader I may have to come out of retirement.

  • Dave Burke

    OK, what’s the deal here? I cannot see the point of this. Am I missing something?

  • Jonathan Hendry

    Is Jesus included in “the undead”?

  • James F. McGrath
  • Dave Burke

    Righto, fair enough!

  • Gary

    I’ve been to Indiana, and I believe the adults are the ones that need to be watched… “the gentleman who waits by the donuts between Sunday and church to police the
    children as they take 2 donut holes (and not more than 2, other people want them
    as well)”.

  • James F. McGrath

    @648e12af5a5b0bf9cc8f0b9b4630360d:disqus , it sounds like you have not only been to Indiana, but to my church!!!

  • Gary

    I think it has to do with my personal observations at the Ohio and Indiana State Fairs, in particular, the fried food booths.