The Missing SBL/AAR University of Durham Reception has been Found!

Many thanks to Ben Blackwell for tracking down the missing Durham University reception! I was looking through the program books for SBL and then AAR with a sense of dismay that our Durham crowd might not have a set place to gather. But although it isn’t listed in the printed program books, the University of Durham Department of Theology and Religion is listed in the online program book as holding a reception. Here are the details:


Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University
8:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Room: Grand Ballroom C – Intercontinental

Spread the good news, Durham students and graduates!

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  • Dave Burke

    I won’t believe this is the genuine ‘Missing SBL/AAR University of Durham Reception’ until Bart Ehrman has written a best-selling book confirming it.