What Group Projects Teach You

HT Marc Cortez

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  • Angievandemerwe

    I don’t believe that anyone should be told who they are to work with. Jobs are voluntary associations. I remember what happened n similar experiments of combining groups to teach tolerance and respect! though tolerance and respect is a value that any civilized society should have, is such tolerance of greater value than another value? Isn’t that for an indivdual to decide and not government?

  • Angievandemerwe

    The principle of liberty limits government regulaton through law, as government regulation is about control. Have we seen government regulations concerning tolerance that have worked?

    And where is sovereignty in the discussion? Is one nation’s sovereignty no longer valid because another nation desires to usurp that sovereignty, for whatever reason? What about nations that terrorize? How much intervention should there be? That is a matter of political opinion. Whenever such issues are promoted and regulated as mandantory, then there is authoritarian dominance as to foreign policy. Then, there ceases to be a voluntary military and the State become militaristic in their regulating human choice and value….

  • http://blog.amberlbaker.com Amber Baker

    Any time I walked into Rollin Ramsaran’s class and he had us broken up into small groups, I wanted to stab myself. 
    Oh how I hate small groups.