What Should the Southern Baptist Convention Change Its Name To?

As Jim West, Hemant Mehta and Claude Mariottini have noted, the Southern Baptist Convention is considering changing its name.

The Southern Baptists, for those who may not be familiar with them, formed when Baptists in the Southern part of the United States (hence the name) broke away from the Baptist union of which they were a part because they rejected the increasingly anti-slavery stance that that group was taking.

So this leaves room for a lot of cheap but fun shots, like proposing “Slaveholding Boys’ Club” (which would allow them to keep the same initials).

But the denomination apparently really does want input, and has an online survey to facilitate that. And so if you are so inclined, feel free to make a suggestion. Even if you’re not inclined to submit a suggestion to the SBC, you can still share one here, if you like.

Given that they have been having the kinds of discussions about women in recent years that they had about slaves back around the time of the “war of Northern aggression” suggests to me that a new name is pointless, since it is clearly the same old church with the same old viewpoint. A new name doesn’t cover a multitude of sins.

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  • Robert

    If they’ve really changed, what’s stopping them reuniting with the north?