America’s Five Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus

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via Hemant Mehta

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  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this this the ‘humanist/Marxist/global” agenda for conservative Christianity? Equality in our society means that the indivdual is free to pursue his own interests as a value in a free society, this is called “liberty”. And liberty didn’t just define one’s pursuit of material prosperity (survival) but also one’s “liberty of conscience” concerning the transcendent. We are nominalists because of the diversity in which Christianity is tolerated in America. This makes for a free society concerning both survival and the personal.

    Marxist ideology defines and conforms economic equality as a “right”, without regard to personal responsibility, or choice or the accountability of government to its people. It is a systems approach to economic “justice”, because it limits individual liberty, as a value. Such a system doesn’t lead to prosperity but abuses of power for the power elite, that holds the reigns of corporations under it regulatory ownership. Those in government then can use corporations which the government has a vested interest in to promote prosperity of those in government at taxpayer expense! This is not liberty for the citizen, but is a boon doogle for those that are in the eschelons of power. Divided and separated powers are the basis of any equality and justice because it limits, or controls absolute power in the areas of law, governing, and legislation!

    • Anonymous

      But, religious intolerance is no less oppressive in limiting human choice and value!

  • Jason

    Thats a funny video from Mehta.  But I am wondering why he calls himself “the Friendly Atheist” still?  He has admitted its not accurate anymore, and his hate is finally starting to show.

    Having seen the guy in person, he is one mean dude.

    I’m just sayin…