Genesis and Young-Earth Creationists Demean God!

I have decided no longer to put up quietly with the teachings of Genesis 1 and young-earth creationists. How dare they demean God and make him out to be only very powerful rather than omnipotent? Why can they not accept that teaching creation in six days detracts from God’s glory, when God, being omnipotent, could have created in an instant?

Hopefully most readers will have realized that the above is parody. In fact, it is precisely the line of argument that some supporters of Genesis (as they understand it) and young-earth creationism offer about mainstream science. A process involving billions of years and millions of generations is considered to diminish God’s glory, from their perspective.

The same could be said about having creation take six days instead of an instant.

Surely the relevant question is not whether God could create in a certain period of time, but what the evidence is for the actual time that the universe has existed, and the earth, and life, and human beings.

As for the alleged Biblical literalists, if a shorter time frame glorifies God more, then why do you insist on treating the six days of Genesis 1 as literal, and the single day of creation in Genesis 2:4 as metaphorical?

I’ll stick by half of my title. Young-earth creationists do indeed demean God, by making God to seem as petty and as willing to deceive as they are.

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  • Chris

    I agree with you.  Many Christians demean God, not only with your example (which I believe you pointed out quite well) but with many aspects of their view of God as well as their understanding of the Bible.

    What does this say about God?

    Nothing.  He’s not the fallible one, we are.

    If a friend has an incorrect understanding of me and something I said – does that speak to me or to them?

    Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, however, what if I did and they just took it the wrong way?

    My fault?

    Part of what I believe is demeaning to God (from both sides) is the presumption that WE KNOW EVERYTHING we need to know to fully understand the Bible and God.

    Christians do it, atheists do it.  Threads upon threads speak to this – one side claims to KNOW what God meant, UNDERSTANDS what God is doing in some particular event, and can make a JUDGEMENT about both.

    This is false on both sides.  We are both ignorant about much of the Bible.

    True or untrue we weren’t there when the Bible was written and formed.  Much of the context is lost to us.

    So I would say, that Christians not only demean God at times, but also themselves…however, for an atheist, it leaves only themselves.

    Usually, no one will admit it though.

  • Arminian Guest

    The Genesis creation narrative shows that God creates in an iterative fashion, and that He does this by seperating what is similar from what is dissimilar, creating order from disorder.  It also shows he stands and judges each iteration before proceeding to the next.

  • rene diebenkorn

    Thanks for your post, I am a little new to the debate: old v. new. But I was wondering, was your post directed at new earth creationists who believe 6-day literal but that the Earth had the appearance of old age?

    Much thanks for the post!

  • James F. McGrath

    The post was directed at the sorts of things that were being said in the comments section of these recent posts:

    I wasn’t directly addressing the views of those who envisage God as a deceiver who makes the universe and living things look as though they have been around a very long time and have evolved. I suspect that those who hold that view would be less likely to claim that God allowing the universe to unfold in fact detracts from the majesty of God in the way that the even more literal 6-day creationists do.