If You Are Confident You Understand the Whole Bible, You Are Either Dishonest or Have Not Been Paying Attention When Reading It

This was posted at Stuff Fundies Like, together with a reflection on tactics fundamentalists use to avoid acknowledging that there are confusing and unintelligible things in the Bible.

Sadly, those tactics lead most fundamentalists to never open a commentary or pursue other lines of inquiry that might actually lead them to understand more than they currently do.

I’ll be talking about the Book of Job in class today. If one looks at the footnotes of most English Bibles, they will see that in fact the English translation in places is just a guess: we simply don’t know what the Hebrew text was supposed to mean in quite a number of places.

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  • Chris

    I feel the same way when people say the “love every word of the Bible.”

    LIAR!  I want to yell, and then read from Numbers, or ask which list of “begats” was their favorite.

    Yes, I love the Bible, but oh my are there some BOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG parts to it.  Which is okay, as it isn’t meant for entertainment.

    I love that I don’t understand the whole Bible – if I did, I probably wouldn’t bother reading it, or studying it, there would be no need.  Oddly, I also love those cool lists of “contradictions” and “errors” that get posted.

    However, I do believe – yes, BELIEVE not know – that I have a good, if not firm, grasp of the message of the Bible.  Every little nuance and how it all fits together, no.  Over arching message?  I believe so – at least I hope so!

  • Gary

    As in my previous comment, I find beer the only way to understand Leviticus 14.

    • Chris

      Don’t worry Gary, you really only need to fully understand any of Leviticus if you are a Levite…and beer is good anytime – I find I’m smarter and better looking after a one or six (and a great dancer!)