Monotheism Interview Series: First Installment with Nathan MacDonald

David Burnett has begun a series of interviews on the topic of monotheism and Biblical studies, over on his blog The Time Has Been Shortened. The first interviewee is Nathan MacDonald, whose work in this area I’m sure will be familiar to many readers. If this field interests you, why not click through and take a look?

I’ll be participating later in the series, as will Michael Heiser and Larry Hurtado.

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  • Gary

    First, I know absolutely nothing about the subject. Second, I am not a bible scholar. I am interested, but found Part 1 to be lacking specific answers to the questions. Maybe it is just defining the question. I would hope part 2 actually comes out with some conclusions or at least strong opinions, instead of answering questions with more questions. It would seem like it would be obvious that the subject is hard, which is all I got out of part 1. OK, I am going to hell for this comment. Or maybe this interview will be balanced by Heiser’s interview, since he seems to be just the opposite, with no lack of specific conclusions.

  • Bob MacDonald

    Nathan says: there may be dangers in focusing on only the classic texts, such as Deut 6.4; Isa 40-48; Deut 32.8-9; Judg 11; Ps 82.

    Why are these ‘classic’ for the subject matter as noted in the article?  I like the careful walk through the abstraction of monotheism that he gives in the first question.  Thereafter he is using words (like monolatry) that my spell checker doesn’t accept.

    We could use a blog-meme on these subjects – or do I have to learn German and read all those books (that’s not abstraction, that’s distraction.)  Except of course maybe your book :)