Religion and Science Fiction around the Blogosphere

SF Signal shared the news that a new online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has been launched. It has an entry on religion.

I mentioned this article and discussion of it on a previous occasion, but more recently Allan Bevere chimed in on whether God could have died for Klingons.

Philip K. Dick and Religion has some quotes by Philip K. Dick on religion.

Thom Stark is promoting a film which you will supposedly like if you like me (or can tolerate me). It may or may not be science fiction, but one thing is certain: the quote attributed to me in the promotional materials is entirely spurious.

IO9  and also Scotteriology listed some online courses that relate to science, sci-fi, and/or religion.

Finally, a video that is as terrifying as Pokemon is to the fundamentalist Christians who made it.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Just Sayin’

    Looks like all he “can think about” is eating.  Imagine how many hours he could spend reading the Bible and praying if he wasn’t so “distracted” by feeding his fat face.

  • James F. McGrath

    Unreasonable Faith shared another video from the same show, this time asking if My Little Pony is Satanic. The video was edited nicely to feature Jean-Luc Picard reacting appropriately to the discussion: 

  • Gary

    They’ve been reading too much Leviticus for healing their DVR. And maybe a little too much Samuel’s sons, as they dip their fork into the meat pot for too big a share of the meat. Don’t any of these people ever eat salads? The 2nd clip, the people are even fatter. Must be symbolic for the Aaronic priesthood living too high on the hog (now that Christians are no longer kosher).