This is Your Brain on Inerrancy. Any Questions?

It has been a while since I’d seen this video, and so thanks to John Byron for reminding us about it!

YouTube Preview Image
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  • TheAtheistMissionary

    Thanks for posting this.  The best part is when he puts his fingers in his ears and says: “lalalala … I don’t hear you”.

  • admiralmattbar

    I wish he put the dinosaur with the bow in her hair in this one.  Regina’s my favorite Father Matthew character.

  • Arni Zachariassen

    Are those books really small or is he a giant?

    • Arni Zachariassen

      Aaaaaaaand they’re not books at all.

  • Joni Ingle

    I bet this guy never shares the gospel.  

  • Joni Ingle

    If God is sovereign why can’t He preserve the Scriptures from error?  

  • James F. McGrath

    If God is sovereign, why can’t he preserve the Pope from error? Why can’t he preserve all Christians from error, for that matter?

    It is relatively easy to argue that God could have done this or that. The more relevant question is why some people choose to insist that God did in fact provide inerrant Scriptures even when there is more than sufficient evidence to the contrary.

    Ought we not to reflect on the Bible we actually have, rather than insisting that it must conform to our assumptions, even when that leads us to end up denying or arguing against evidence from within the pages of the Bible itself?

  • Gary

    Episcopal church….Episcopal church….thank you for giving me another escape route, if necessary. Sanity does indeed exist.