Together Again (Op-Ed in The Bible and Interpretation)

An opinion piece I wrote for The Bible and Interpretation has appeared on their web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t it Luther’s intent to educate the “lower class” or those dependent on the Magisterium? This he did by translating Scripture. And he did so, so that the Magesterium would not abuse thier power through dominating and framing a religious conscience and use it as a means to further the Church’s power.

     Since the Reformation, there have been divergences in interpretive understandings of the “Catholic traditions” that were understood to symbolize Christian faith. This was termed the Protestant Principle. But, intitially, it is my understanding that Luther sought to interpret to educate not to RE-DEFINE the Church! And education is not about “special revelation” but EDUCATION! and a balancing of power as to knowledge! Today, it seems that those that are educated are using their power, just as the Church did to circumvent the “peasant class” for their intents and purposes!