TV News Coverage of the Israel-Egypt Conflict (c. 1300 BCE)

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HT Hemant Mehta

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  • Gary

    Very good. makes you think, when comparing today’s situation.

  • The Sampson Option

    The Second Holacaust of the Jews can’t be far away.  The whole world is determined to have it.

    Only one problem…the Jews have The Bomb.

    Remember Sampson.

  • James F. McGrath

    Remember how to spell Samson.

    Also remember not to spam post like you have in the past, but to either engage in actual conversation or to not both posting at all.

  • randall.morrison90

    The Jews will not march quietly to their deaths this time, McGrath.

    You can it spam, but they still have the Bombs to take out every European Capital if necessary.

    • Gary

      More proof that squirrels and humans have a lot in common. Nuts.

  • James F. McGrath

    Who suggested anything of the sort? My only complaint is when someone only shows up to post more or less the same exact comment they always do, and then disappears. The comments section of this blog is for discussion of posts. Is there something that you would like to discuss? Would you care to explain how your comment relates to the content and point of the video? Would you care to actually participate in a conversation? If so, and you are not sure how to communicate in a manner appropriate to such interactions, I’d be happy to help clarify this for you.