Westboro Baptist FAIL

I had seen several people mention this tweet from Westboro Baptist Church before, but didn’t notice until this blog pointed it out the ironic detail at the bottom

Phelps Fail

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  • Steve Caruso

    Steve Jobs 1
    Westboro Baptist Church 0


  • Anonymous

    When it comes to inventions, inventors are dependent upon others that have gone before.  In its early days, Apple took (stole?) their the graphics user interface from Rank Xerox.

  • http://www.patheos.com/community/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

    And the Akkadians were using tablets long before Apple or anyone else…

  • Gary

    And Edison put his name on every patent that the people that worked for him invented. It’s a fact of life, if you work for a company, any company, and the patent was developed by you as a salaried employee, the patent rights belong to the company. If the company is nice, they might let you share a piece of the pie, but not necessarily. If you developed the patent 100% on your own time, then you could file yourself, but it will cost you your own money to do it. Steve Jobs was a leader and visionary, which is far more valuable than a patent nerd.

  • Anonymous

    And an opportunist to exploit, similar to Gates. 

    • Gary

      Without that kind of opportunist, we’d still be living in the stone age. I still remember the times I used a slide rule, since calculators were not available. I remember when we first started to use ARPANET, before you guys even knew what “internet” meant, since it didn’t exist, and you couldn’t use it anyway, since it was military and research only in those days. So aren’t you glad such opportunists existed. Otherwise, you couldn’t be banging keys in your living room, communicating with the world right now.

      • Anonymous

        Sure I am glad.  But these people are not without flaws and not to be adored.  I certainly detest the adulation these guys receive. Gates and Job both began their businesses in underhand ways.  You could ask Apple or Microsoft what they now thought about patent nerds. 

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Howard-Mazzaferro/1297383749 Howard Mazzaferro

          Why do you stop at Microsoft and Apple, why didn’t you mention all the other big businesses that use underhanded tactics to compete with their competitors and manipulate the consumer? Your complaint makes it sound like the whole world is some perfect place except for these few greedy guys. This is how the world we live in works, and no it is not perfect, but you are certainly free to use your ability to influence people to change the world according to your own views. Businesses are out to make money, that’s their purpose, and the ones that receive the most praise are the ones that provide the consumer with the best products for the money.

          As for the creepy church people, I don’t know whether Jobs was religious or not, but how do they know whether or not he gave glory to the God he believed in? Just because he did not do it in any of the public events they might have witnessed, does not mean he didn’t do it at home or someplace else. Also, if they are implying that he should have given God glory because God made him a billionaire, that’s just stupid. That would mean that homeless people should give God glory for making them homeless.

        • Gary

          Geoff…”You could ask Apple or Microsoft what they now thought about patent nerds”….I could say that because I was a patent nerd. When you are young, you’re interested in having fun with technology, not making money. Usually, when you’re old, you seek money, not fun. I think I would have enjoyed working for Apple or Microsoft, from what I have heard about how they treat their people. Respect doesn’t mean adoration. Anyway, enough said…Howard…good to read that you’re still kicking it around.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TravisJacobs Travis Jacobs

    She explains herself by saying God invented the iphone and not Steve.

  • Anonymous

    My memory too goes back a long way.  I picked on Apple because I have specific memories. I remember a time when Jobs and others left the Palo Alto research facility at Rank Xerox and set up in a garage. At the time, I had in my office a number of Rank Xerox Star and Documentum machines at the time.  These machines were quite brilliant, doing multitasking operations combining text, graphics, mathematics, any number of applications, all within the same page. Jobs used the Xerox graphic user interface idea for his own inferior product.  Microsoft did the same.  Even today, despite all the hype, I don’t know of any system as good as the Rank Xerox.