Doctor Who and the Pepper-Spraying Daleks (Occupy Skaro)

The photo below is believed to be a leaked scene from either the upcoming season of Doctor Who or the recently-announced Doctor Who movie:

A working title has not been announced, but based on the contents speculation has included that it might be something like “Doctor Who and the Pepper-Spraying Daleks,” “Doctor Who: Occupy Skaro,” or perhaps “Doctor Who and the 99%.”

Based on the scenery and actors, some fans are speculating that the story will involve the Doctor traveling back to early in the history of the Daleks, to a time before they had developed lethal weapons, and used their pepper spraying cannon to attack the peaceful Thals. Presumably the setting for this scene is the University of Skaro Davis.

There is also speculation that the story will explain once and for all that the long-noted resemblance between Daleks and pepper pots is no coincidence.