Around Galilee

Today we visited sites that have some connection to the story of Jesus. Contrary to what some fringe internet voices such as the Jesus mythicists have sometimes claimed, there is evidence for habitation in Nazareth in the first century, in the structures excavated beneath the Church of the Annunciation. Even rather later, in the 4th century, there was still a Christian leader named Colon who was from Nazareth and who claimed to be a member of Jesus’ family.


Other sites we visited include Cana, mentioned in the Gospel of John, Tabgha (supposedly the site of the multiplication of loaves and fishes), and the Mount of Beatitudes. Connections between specific churches in these locations and events in the life of the historical figure are much more tenuous.


We also visited Capernaum, a major Jewish city which features prominently in the Gospels.


Then we went on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee after lunch. It was suggested that it would be a good time for meditation – and then they had Israeli folk dancing with loud music on board! Different people “meditate” in different ways, I guess.


Our last stop before driving back to the hotel was the Jordan river. Several people filled bottles with water to take back home with them.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to drive the Jordan valley to Jericho and Qumran and then go to Jerusalem where we will spend several days. So from a day on the coast to a day on the lake to a day much of which will be spent in the desert. Such different climates!

Here is one last photo, or two, a treat for Romanian friends and relatives, taken in the church of St. Gabriel in Nazareth.


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  • Keika

    It’s noon CST in America and 8:00 pm where the weary and tired must be getting ready for bed.  From the photos, no one looks like jet lag has diminished their enthusiasm for discovery.
    The water from the Jordan River.  Someone bring me a thimble of sand back with them, and I’ll trade it for Maui sugar beach sand.  I’ll throw in a Mai Tai. 
    Sensational photos!  Does everyone understand,  “I was there, I saw that…I am pointing to something that I want you to notice, because it may not be there in the future?”  It probably isn’t even considered or should be.  Should it?   

    Has the urge to read publicly out loud from the bible happened yet, or is this frowned upon over there?   And finally…

    Anyone there want to buy my shares of Facebook?    ;-(