#progGod is Live!

Tony Jones shared the announcement that Patheos has created a topic page for the round-up of blog posts offering progressive Christian perspectives on God. My post is featured there. Click through to see who else contributed and what they had to say.

Ultimate Concern
Progressive Christianity in the Spotlight
The Very Condition of Humanity is to be Wrong about God
Descartes' Demon
  • Pseudonym

    #progGod? Now I want to put on some Glass Hammer.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

      As a keyboardist, Genesis and ELP spring to mind first. But I would love to write some progressive Christian music that is both theologically and musically progressive! :-)

      • Pseudonym

        I have a confession to make. I know it’s not very theologically progressive, but I like Prayers. I think Rick Wakeman would be totally up for a concept album version of The Burial of Jesus.

        • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

          I’m up for a concept album on the burial of Jesus! I am going to give this some thought. Of course, I can’t come close to Wakeman’s virtuosity.

          Is this an instrumental concept album as you hear it in your head? Or does Jon Anderson provide vocals?

          • Pseudonym

            I’m thinking Annie Haslam doing narrative vocals, with Wayne Coyne as Joseph of Arimathea.

            • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

              Ooh, you have an entire rock opera envisaged! Do you by any chance know any of these musicians? If so, feel free to run it by them…