Star Wars: Into Dark Side


Metacriticism of Biblical Scholarship at #AARSBL on Saturday Afternoon
References in "50 Ways to Forge a Gospel"
50 Ways to Forge a Gospel
Gets The Last Word, The Dark Side Does Not
  • Wesley Mcgranor

    Disgustingly pretended faith and commentary.

    • James F. McGrath

      Are you taking offense at this as a Star Trek fan or a Star Wars fan? I fear I have not grasped what your criticism is supposed to be.

  • Kerrie-Anne Crosby

    Well I liked it. Even if I groaned.

  • Virusmerc

    I think it looks fantastic. Well done.

  • Jay Andrews-Tracy

    this is the same name as jj abrams star trek movie.

    • James F. McGrath

      Not exactly the same…