Liberal Christianity around the Blogosphere

Bo Sanders discussed a bit of revisionist history offered in a tweet by Rick Warren, who outlandishly claimed (among other things):

 Liberal theology has never created any university. It just sucks the life our of those that were started by Bible believers.

Fortunately he received a lot of responses challenging his either bizarrely ill-informed or downright dishonest claim. And if you missed it, see the meme that he inspired – and later even contributed to – on Twitter, #RickWarrenTips.

Chris Hallquist asked how to “deal with” liberal Christians. Since his descriptions of how liberal Christians think seem to represent those who are the “liberal” end of still fairly conservative Christianity, I would suggest that he “deal with” the phenomenon by realizing that the spectrum stretches far further in the liberal direction than he ever seems to mention or acknowledge.

Finally, Otagosh shared a link to and excerpt from a recent blog post of mine, adding this clever bumper sticker:

As much as I appreciate the clever wit of the bumper sticker, I don’t think it works well as a slogan. I can see it as an aim –  trying to be less like those who focus on loudly proclaiming the most bizarre examples of human speculation as divine truth, rather than focusing as New Testament authors tend to on cultivating kindness, humility, and other such characteristics. But in the interest of doing precisely that, I think that trying to claim that this is a description that belongs to us and not to others, rather than an ideal we strive for, is a mistake, and indeed, like wearing a badge proclaiming one’s own humility, sporting a bumper sticker like this one might show just how far we still have to go in the department of cultivating spiritual fruit.

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