Quote of the Day (Karl Giberson)

Science is open to correction. In the event that evolution does become a “theory in crisis,” we will read about that in Scientific AmericanNature and Science, not the blogs of the anti-Darwinian culture warriors.

— Karl Giberson, “Evolution’s Refusal to Die,” The Huffington Post

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  • http://jesuswithoutbaggage.wordpress.com/ jesuswithoutbaggage

    Great quote! Evolutionary theory changes through self-correction. Creationist theory changes only by developing new, and inadequate, defenses.

  • beau_quilter


    Completely off-topic, sorry, but I stop by your blog almost daily, and I think (I could be wrong) that the “Recent Comments” section in the sidebar is stuck. I think it’s been showing the same list of commenters in the same order for the past week.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

      Yes, Patheos is looking into it. It seems that the internal comment system is stuck since the upgrade. I thought it would be fixed by now – since it isn’t, I’ve substituted a sidebar element based on the Disqus RSS feed for the blog. It looks slightly less elegant, but it will work.

      They are also hitting other issues. If you can’t get to the blog to reply to this, try substituting CP for WWW in the URL. :-(

      • beau_quilter

        Thanks for responding, James! I visit your blog often; even when I’m not leaving lame comments.

  • Gary

    For anti-Darwinian culture warriors,