Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do

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OK, so the above video of a rabbit herding sheep alpacas sheep, having watched the dog and learned to do it, is just awesome. And so too is this story about a 96-year-old songwriter who wrote a song for his late wife.

We will not always achieve what we try to. But that is not a good reason not to try.

And yes, you do know that phrase from the title of this post from somewhere…

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  • John Wilkins

    Nope. They’re sheep. Don’t know where you got the idea they might be alpacas…

    • Eva

      On that, one of my children commented yesterday that the neighbour had new ‘long necked sheep’. Which is pretty much all alpacas are, to be fair.

      • James F. McGrath

        Someone on Facebook said they were alpacas, after I called them sheep, and I was looking at it on a relatively small screen, and was inclined to believe them. I honestly have no idea what they are. But I am pretty sure that is a rabbit herding them! :-)

  • John Wilkins

    And that rabbit’s a killer!

    • Chris Crawford

      Look at the bones!