Titanic: Time Travel Edition

If you suddenly enjoy the movie more as a result of reading this, let me know…


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  • Jeff Carter

    That James Cameron showed Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon being loaded onto the Titanic makes the whole movie unwatchable for me.


    • David_Evans

      That you can’t spell “demoiselles” made your whole comment unreadable for me.

      • beau_quilter

        That you don’t know that “desmoiselles” is a common and acceptable plural form of demoiselles (frequently used in references to Picasso’s painting), made your snark unreadable to me.

        Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases, 2nd Edition, page 116.


        • David_Evans

          That’s interesting. I have never seen that spelling before (or, maybe, I always dismissed it as an error!)

          I withdraw my unjustified snark.

          • beau_quilter

            But please bring it back in other posts; I usually quite enjoy your snark …