Have a Happy Thanksgivukkah!

So apparently Thanksgivukkah is what they are calling the convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah in just a couple of days from now. This is not merely a once in a lifetime event, but a once in a civilization event, as the next convergence will be many tens of thousands of years in the future. So get yourself a souvenir t-shirt and a recording of The Thanksgivukkah Medley. This is one to tell the great-great-great-great-grandkids about!


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  • Just Sayin’

    Why would I do that up here in Canada?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

      Jealousy of being left out and missing a once in an epoch event, perhaps? :-)

      • Just Sayin’


  • http://againstjebelallawz.wordpress.com/ Enopoletus Harding

    What does liberty have to do with Thanksgivukkah?