New Doctor Who Christmas Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Lots of intriguing details – the Silence, Trenzalore, the time war, and perhaps most interesting of all, the Doctor’s door from “The God Complex.” It looks like dangling loose ends from the past will be tied together in a nice little Christmas present for us all!


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  • skinman

    That scene with (I assume) the Doctor in the foreground and the Silence behind him makes me wonder if they have become allies. And how do the Weeping Angels fit in? Can the Angels zap Daleks and Cybermen into the past? Do the Daleks and Cybermen forget the Silence when they turn away? There are all sorts of possibilities with this mixture of aliens.
    Stay away from the pictures on the BBC America website. I clicked through them and one of them gave a way a major spoiler.

    • beau_quilter

      Imagine the Silence against the Angels. Do the Angels forget the Silence when they turn away?