Noah’s Flood Website

I just learned of a new website, Noah’s Flood, created to look at stories of natural cataclysms from long before the Bible up through the new Noah movie. I have only taken a quick look, but it looks interesting and worth sharing.


Answer to America's Prayers
Cain the Drama Queen (YEC Version of Genesis 4)
Sacred Selfies
Biblical Scholars Fighting Creationism
  • Owosso Harpist

    Uhh, unless I’m mistaken, I think your link is wrong. Can you fix it?

    • James F. McGrath

      Thank you for drawing that to my attention! I have now fixed it. The link should have been this one:

      Sorry for the copy-and-paste mishap!

      • Owosso Harpist

        That’s ok. Thanks for correcting it. :)

  • Censored

    Immanuel Velikovsky.