Re-Thinking Christianity

Here’s another book review from the older version of my blog. Keith Ward’s book Re-thinking Christianity provides a useful compliment to his earlier book What the Bible Really Teaches. The former book discusses the Bible and shows how its teachings are misconstrued by fundamentalists, and how fundamentalist claims to take the Bible literally are simply [Read More...]

The Biologic Institute

The web site of the Biologic Institute has at long last gone live. I think that, rather than being immediately ridiculed, this endeavour should be encouraged. Rather than fighting in the battle for public opinion, let’s see if those involved in this institute can produce real science that produces results that can command general assent [Read More...]

The Search For Terrestrial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking recently called for humanity to colonize the moon and Mars. He also mentioned one reason why there is so much uncertainty about the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe: some of us still aren’t sure if it exists on our planet yet… Higgaion and Playing Chess With Pigeons have detailed responses [Read More...]

Absolutely Moral?

Yesterday I wandered into the midst of a conversation between a moral relativist and a moral absolutist. It was a thought-provoking experience. When asked if I believed there is an absolute truth, I had no hesitation in answering. As a critical realist, I am persuaded that there is indeed such a thing as objective truth, [Read More...]

Open Letter To A Victim Of Ben Stein’s Lying Propaganda

There is an open letter from Richard Dawkins, replying to a letter sent to Michael Shermer, all of which revolves around the movie Expelled. More on the movie at Lots of interesting stuff to talk about… [Read more...]

We Almost Made Last Place…Maybe Expelled Can Help

Jake Bouma just reminded me about these statistics from a few years ago. We must have been trying real hard to achieve last-place status. But presumably Harun Yahya has been doing his work more effectively than even Ken Ham. I wonder whether Expelled will help us achieve that much-coveted last place status. I can’t help [Read More...]

More About Blueberry-Picking Nazis

A while ago I mentioned a book called The Lucifer Effect about how ordinary people end up doing horrific things. Apparently the disturbing photos of Nazis at Auschwitz picking and eating fresh blueberries and doing other things that show them to have been human beings will be the focus of a documentary. Read more about [Read More...]

The Gullible As Jury For The Scientific

It is no surprise that pseudoscience and rumor can lure in so many people in our time. How many people in our time cannot tell that the following two e-mails (reproduced below) are spam, and worse, attempts to get their personal information? We expect them to be able to distinguish between authentic scientific inquiry and [Read More...]

Around the Expelledosphere

Before turning to Expelled, let’s mention the really important news: Secret Cylons tell all! Also, see Star Wars vs. Star Trek on democracy. Abnormal Interests and Northstate Science highlight the truly expelled. John Pieret highlights Sarkar’s review of Expelled. The Austringer highlights DaveScot’s take on the Darwin -> Hitler theme in the movie (also at [Read More...]

AAAS Statement About Expelled

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has issued a statement concerning the movie Expelled. Edward W. Lempinen writes: The film, “Expelled,” posits that science is unable to explain crucial gaps in evolution on Earth, and that the intervention of an intelligent designer was necessary to advance the development of life. The film claims [Read More...]

Review in Reports of the National Center for Science Education

A review I wrote (previously posted on this blog) of God and Evolution: A Reader has now appeared in print in the latest Reports of the National Center for Science Education, Volume 27 Numbers 5-6 (Sep-Dec 2007) pp.53-54. [Read more...]