Savants and the Mysteries of Mind

I’ll comment at some later point on the book that led me to this topic – The God Theory by Bernard Haisch. In the book, Haisch brings up Savant Syndrome as evidence that the mind seems to be something that ‘shines through’ the brain rather than merely an epiphenomenon thereof. Or, as someone at the [Read More...]

Oceanic Flight 815 Was Shot Down

I have to admit, the bit about the nanobots in the quiches was pretty funny. But the top moment in this past week’s episode of “Chuck” has to be the allusion to LOST, when Chuck, revealing various government secrets, adds to the list “Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down…” Exactly what he says after that [Read More...]

The Lucifer Effect

There is a very interesting post on the Quixotic Infidel blog about a new book by Philip Zimbardo called The Lucifer Effect. There is also a talk by Zimbardo available online. His lecture (and apparently the book as well) focuses specifically on how good people end up doing horrendous things. Although this is his primary [Read More...]

Ways the Bible Speaks to us

Below are two stories that may or may not be well known, and which can be encountered in different versions. They are not intended as a recommendation on how to read the Bible – just for amusement purposes only. A man has been in business for many, many years and the business is goingdown the [Read More...]

Biblical Literalism: Fast Track To Atheism

Personally, I am fundamentally (if you’ll excuse the pun) convinced that there are no genuine Biblical literalists in the world today – not even Ned Flanders on the Simpsons, who on the brillian episode “Hurricane Neddy” famously claimed “I’ve done everything the Bible says – even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff”. No one [Read More...]

The Evolutionist Conspiracy

For either young earth creationism or intelligent design to be on the right track and genuinely scientific, both movements have to posit a conspiracy in the ranks of the scientific community to prevent “the truth” about creation from getting serious scientific attention. In my view, this it is not strong enough to say that this [Read More...]

What We Know And What We Don’t

I am currently grading assignments that asked how the Israelites came to be in the land of Canaan, specifying that I am expecting historical answers and not merely a retelling of the Biblical narrative. Students often equate the existence of debate or the suggestion of uncertainty with a situation in which nothing is certain. I [Read More...]

Eric H. Cline

I first encountered Eric Cline in the wonderful documentary on Joshua and Jericho in the Ancient Evidence series. Now that I have read his recent book From Eden to Exile, I am all the more impressed. His book simply sets forth the current state of our knowledge. He treats even amature archaeologists with respect, even [Read More...]

C. F. D. Moule

New Testament scholar C. F. D. Moule recently passed away. He was nearly 99 years old, and rightly famous in his field. Obituaries have appeared in the British newspapers The Independent and The Telegraph. Since he could be called my “Doctor-Grandfather” (since he was Jimmy Dunn’s Doktorvater, and Jimmy Dunn was mine), I thought I’d [Read More...]

Lectures On Line

Sean Carroll is one of the many top-notch scientists whose public lectures and presentations can be found on YouTube. Ken Miller, Barbara Forrest, and many others also appear: The institution Carroll is connected with, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, sponsored a series of lectures on the subject of evolution and religion: There are many other [Read More...]

Creature Comforts

Last night Sean Carroll began his public lecture with scenes from Nick Park’s Creature Comforts. Park’s brilliant idea was to interview members of the British public, then to provide animation to accompany the actual voices of the public expressing its views on various topics – including evolution. I’m including the clip here. Enjoy! [Read more...]