Annual Meeting Reconciliation? AAR + SBL

This piece of news was shared by J. C. Baker, from the AAR web site: Board Action Regarding Independent Annual MeetingsApril 14, 2008 Dear Fellow Members of the American Academy of Religion: I write today to alert you to an action taken by your Board of Directors at its meeting this past weekend. In light [Read More...]

Review of Mike Gene, The Design Matrix: A Consilience of Clues (Arbor Vitae Press, 2007).

I hope that no one who knows my views and reads my blog with regularity will experience heart failure, or even more mild ill effects, when they realize what this post is. It is an essentially positive review of a book (The Design Matrix: A Consilience of Clues) whose author Mike Gene considers himself a [Read More...]

Feeling Widgety is Contagious

Ben Myers made a widget for his blog. Must be contagious… Get the Exploring Our Matrix widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! [Read more...]


I watched the movie Atonement last night, and couldn’t help thinking about the New Testament authors. Did the Gospel authors seek to make “atonement” for their failures much as the author in the film did? Certainly this seems to be the case in the stories of Jesus’ burial, where his burial gets more and more [Read More...]

What is Christianity?

[A review of books by Spong and Wright, originally posted on my old blog on June 4th, 2007] I deliberately chose to read the two books I am writing about in parallel, more-or-less simultaneously, so as to better be able to reflect on the similarities and contrasts between them. Both are written by authors who [Read More...]

What Ordinary People Think

Starting with a quote on Maggi Dawn, I found myself tracking down the full source of the quote on another blog, Commonplaces. It is a letter attributed to Dorothy L. Sayers, which addresses itself to what “average people” think about, and think they know about, Christianity. No specific primary source is identified in any of [Read More...]

Review of Deuteronomy in the New Testament, edited by Steve Moyise and Maarten J. J. Menken

Review of Steve Moyise and Maarten J. J. Menken (editors), Deuteronomy in the New Testament: The New Testament and the Scriptures of Israel (Library of New Testament Studies, 358; New York: T & T Clark, 2007). Deuteronomy in the New Testament follows volumes in the same series on the Psalms and Isaiah in the New [Read More...]

Plagiarize? You’ll Get EXPELLED!

I recently posted a link to a plagiarism tutorial to help students avoid getting expelled. I also have a page of my own creation with examples and explanations. It seems as though my students may not be the only ones who need such help. Ian at Further Thoughts has posted a round-up of the blogospheric [Read More...]

Was Jesus Wrong?

Chris Tilling, prompted by a comment I left on an earlier post, has tackled head-on the question of whether Jesus was wrong. This is relevant not least to the discussion of evolution among Christians, since if one is persuaded that Jesus didn’t think evolution happened, and equally persuaded that Jesus could not have been wrong [Read More...]

Links from my students

One student made use of this Historical Jesus FAQ in an assignment. Another student has begun blogging the Gospel of John. This isn’t from a student, but may interest many of my students: IO9 has a piece on religion and science in science fiction. [Read more...]

Update on the Mandaeans

April DeConick has posted two items on her blog related to the only Gnostic group from the ancient world that has survived until our time. The first asks what can be done to help the Mandaeans, and offers some recommendations from Mr. Suhaib Nashi, the president of the Mandaean Associations Union. The second post draws [Read More...]