Quote of the Day (Ritva H. Williams)

“Our deep immersion in cultures in which communication occurs primarily through print and electronic media that require high levels of literacy, together with the fact that the only extant artifacts of the Jesus movement and its successors are texts, have blinded us to the reality that the latter were produced in predominantly oral cultures” (Ritva [Read More...]

LOST Latest

As usual, this post is one big collection of spoilers if you missed tonight’s episode, which revealed Sayid to be one of the Oceanic Six. This is a brief list of the most crucial clues and further mysteries in this episode. Sayid is an assassin, and we learn at the very end of the episode [Read More...]

The Valentine’s Days Of Our Intelligent Design

I wasn’t sure quite how to include Valentine’s Day and Days of our Lives and Intelligent Design in a single title. But it is Valentine’s Day, and there is not a lot of love between some individuals in the blogosphere, and in particular between two individuals connected with Uncommon Descent: DaveScot and Denyse O’Leary. See [Read More...]

LOST in the Blogosphere

A recent visitor to the blog asked about the city reflected in the water in the LOST commercials and other promotional materials. We know they’re “not in Portland”, right? There has been a lot of discussion of this topic, but with no clear answers yet. Could it be LA? Is it supposed to be the [Read More...]

Happy Darwin Day: Thank God For Evolution!

Today we’ll be having a lunchtime pizza chat entitled “Thank God For Evolution?” Richard Dawkins has expressed gratitude for Darwin’s theory, as making it possible to be an intellectually-fulfilled atheist. But Francisco Ayala is one of many who has expressed gratitude for evolution as making it possible to be an intellectually-fullfilled Christian. If one had [Read More...]

The Brave One

Last night I watched The Brave One, Jodie Foster’s most recent movie. It provides an interesting opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the Bible in a modern American setting. In the Biblical epoch, there was little other than vigilante justice. Murders were not resolved by impersonal criminal investigations by professional police, and tried by [Read More...]

One-Stop Evolution Weekend Blogging

This post will make available links to all the blogging related to Evolution Weekend that I can find. If I miss something, please leave a comment and let me know there is more to add! A Guy In The Pew: Evolution WeekendAn Evangelical Dialogue On Evolution: Et Tu Tony? A Critique of Tony Campolo’s attack [Read More...]

My Isn’t Rebecca David Generous? NO!!!

Just a warning for all the gullible fools out there. That this one is a scam is very easy to spot. It claims to come from someone in Kuwait yet is sent from an address at Yahoo! Japan. The clearest evidence, though, is the fact that NO ACTUAL PERSON WOULD REALLY CONTACT YOU OUT OF [Read More...]

Nice online course site about Jericho

A student of mine found the following archived web site on Jericho, the Bible, and archaeology, which I thought I’d share with others who might find it interesting. [Read more...]


I really enjoyed teaching today’s Sunday school class, focusing on the compatibility of the Christian faith and evolution. I was most impressed simply by the spirit of loving fellowship among everyone present, which included (in addition to many of the usual participants in my class) new church members, the youth group, and other guests to [Read More...]

Quotes for Evolution Weekend (Francisco J. Ayala)

The following quotes are from the leading Biology professor Francisco J. Ayala, who is also a Christian. His book Darwin and Intelligent Design (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2006) is the source of the following quotes, which are sure to brighten your Evolution Weekend! “There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has [Read More...]