Democralypse Now

A clip from Stephen Colbert’s Democralypse Now has been shared on the Commonweal blog. It offers an entertaining view of the relationship between presidential candidates and controversial preachers. [Read more...]

Reviews of Michael Behe’s The Edge of Evolution

Yesterday I mentioned Stephen Webb’s review of Behe’s The Edge of Evolution for Christianity Today‘s web site. A while back I wrote a review of Behe’s book on this blog, which I also posted at, where it also led to some discussion. I also addressed the old “monkeys with typewriters” illustration, emphasizing that to [Read More...]

Fixed Earth: Setting the Record Straight

Jim West pointed out to me a web site called Fixed Earth, defending geocentrism from its opponents (who range from NASA to Madonna, apparently). It nicely illustrates that there are positions that are far more “literalistic” in their approach to the Bible, and thus far more ridiculous, but it is helpful to be able to [Read More...]

Stephen Webb on Michael Behe

Thanks to The Panda’s Thumb for drawing attention to Stephen Webb’s review of Michael Behe’s latest book for the Christianity Today web site. I know Stephen, and thus hope that the comment I left (reproduced immediately below) is taken in the spirit of dialogue with which it is offered: Stephen, you know I like you [Read More...]

Are You Sure? Teaching Windows Vista to Trust its Users

Having had much interest in my solution to the black screen after login problem on Vista, I was encouraged to share what I know (even though it isn’t my own solution) about shutting off the requests for confirmation when running a program. The name of this annoying feature is the User Account Controls. All you [Read More...]

Can Noah’s Ark Be Salvaged?

This post is not about whether a ‘real ark’ can be found on a mountain somewhere. The question is whether the story of Noah’s Ark can be told today in a way that continues to serve any healthy, positive, meaningful purpose. The story is so familiar from childhood that we can forget that it is [Read More...]

God’s Wife

No, this post isn’t about Asherah – although that would be an interesting topic. No, this post follows up on an earlier one inspired by a student’s comment in class about whether God, as depicted in the Bible, is an abusive husband. Books like Hosea and Jeremiah that use the metaphor of Israel and Judah [Read More...]

Daring to Deny the Doctor

There is an interesting post on IO9 about a man who has become a Christian and as a result is renouncing Dr. Who, categorizing it together with alcohol and materialism as things from which he has been delivered. I hope Mark Goodacre will have something to say about this! [Read more...]

Waiting to Expel

Rather than continue to add links to my previous post about the expulsion of P. Z. Myers from a movie entitled Expelled! which complains about the “Darwinian establishment” allegedly expelling and censoring people because of their views, I’ve decided to post this follow-up. If you haven’t been following the issue, please do look into it. [Read More...]

The Well-Tempered Universe

Atheists are sure they are the winners either way: – If religion is a natural phenomenon, explicable in terms of neuroscience and biology, then it loses the supernatural element that has been its historic focus.- If religion is “unnatural”, then it seems to lie outside of the sphere of that which can be proven, or [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Some interesting recent posts from around the blogosphere include: John Wilkins asks whether a Christian can accept natural selection as true. I left the following comment: I think the issue is complicated because there are(1) Christians for whom the Bible, understood in a particular way, trumps everything else, and so they reject natural selection;(2) Christians [Read More...]