Immanuel: A Birth and a Sign

Who was ‘Immanuel’, the child referred to in Isaiah 7-9? I’m not asking who it has been applied to – I know that the answer to that question is Jesus. I’m asking what the most likely reference is in the book’s original context. Clearly it makes no sense to have Isaiah offer as a sign [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Arthur Peacocke)

“for Jesus to be fully human he had, for both biological and theological reasons, to have a human father as well as a human mother and the weight of the historical evidence strongly indicates that this was so – and that it was probably Joseph. Any theology for a scientific age which is concerned with [Read More...]

YouTube for Scientists

There is already a YouTube, and it has a lot of science-related (but also a lot of pseudoscience and anti-science related) clips uploaded and shared. But now there is something new, specifically for scientists: Sci-Vee. I’ve also just discovered Bloggingheads TV, which includes clips on science, politics and other subjects. [Read more...]

The New Perspective on Paul – Mirror Reading ‘the Works of the Law’

I remember reading Galatians as a teenager and thinking I understood what Paul was saying, and then reaching 5:21 and wondering what was going on. I had been reading Paul’s letter in the typical Protestant way, assuming that he was saying that ‘works in general don’t matter for salvation’, and then could make little sense [Read More...]

Should Astrologers Get Tenure?

The cdesign proponentsists are up in arms about the fact that those involved in Guillermo Gonzalez’ tenure review discussed his support of intelligent design. Imagine that! What next? Will they discuss whether astronomers are astrologers who believe the stars hold sway over human events? Will they dare to start expecting that people who will teach [Read More...]

A Review Essay on Orality and the Bible by Werner Kelber

Review of Biblical Literature just announced that “ORALITY AND BIBLICAL STUDIES: A REVIEW ESSAY” by Werner H. Kelber has been posted on their web site. [Read more...]

External Delivery The Future – Just Santa Clausism With A Wedge?

There is a funny parody site about ED Theory – i.e. external delivery. This is a great pre-Christmas present. Enjoy! (ht: Pharyngula) [Read more...]

Should You Avoid Being Left Behind?

Sean the Baptist has posted a blog entry on a subject that I’ve long thought about, but never written about (until now). In Matthew’s Gospel (chapter 24), the image of some being ‘taken’ and others being ‘left (behind)’ is used, but in a way that in fact suggests that those who are left are the [Read More...]

What is Christianity? More on Judas, Gnosticism and the Historical Jesus

In some recent discussions both on this blog and elsewhere, the question of whether someone like me, who is far from being a fundamentalist, is a ‘Christian’. This leads naturally to the question ‘What is Christianity?’ The problem is that, while fundamentalists make the most noise, and thus can seem to be speaking for Christianity [Read More...]

A Former Colleague, Jesus and Lunacy

I have to share one more item today, since there may be colleagues of mine here at Butler who will find this interesting (as may others). John Beversluis, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy who retired from teaching at Butler University not long after I started teaching here, wrote a book on C. S. Lewis, from which [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Ancient Hebrew Poetry asks whether blogging about the Bible is a waste of time. James Tabor highlights April De Conick’s op-ed piece in the New York Times. So does Josh McManaway, Chuck Blanchard, The Uncredible Hallq, Irenic Thoughts, Paul Edwards, Jim Davila, Claw of the Conciliator and millinerd. April De Conick has herself responded to [Read More...]