Should You Avoid Being Left Behind?

Sean the Baptist has posted a blog entry on a subject that I’ve long thought about, but never written about (until now). In Matthew’s Gospel (chapter 24), the image of some being ‘taken’ and others being ‘left (behind)’ is used, but in a way that in fact suggests that those who are left are the [Read More...]

What is Christianity? More on Judas, Gnosticism and the Historical Jesus

In some recent discussions both on this blog and elsewhere, the question of whether someone like me, who is far from being a fundamentalist, is a ‘Christian’. This leads naturally to the question ‘What is Christianity?’ The problem is that, while fundamentalists make the most noise, and thus can seem to be speaking for Christianity [Read More...]

A Former Colleague, Jesus and Lunacy

I have to share one more item today, since there may be colleagues of mine here at Butler who will find this interesting (as may others). John Beversluis, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy who retired from teaching at Butler University not long after I started teaching here, wrote a book on C. S. Lewis, from which [Read More...]

Around the Blogosphere

Ancient Hebrew Poetry asks whether blogging about the Bible is a waste of time. James Tabor highlights April De Conick’s op-ed piece in the New York Times. So does Josh McManaway, Chuck Blanchard, The Uncredible Hallq, Irenic Thoughts, Paul Edwards, Jim Davila, Claw of the Conciliator and millinerd. April De Conick has herself responded to [Read More...]

Quote of the Day (Lee Smolin)

“When people join a scientific community, they give up certain childish but universal desires: the need to feel that they are right all the time or the belief that they are in possession of the absolute truth. In exchange, they receive membership in an ongoing enterprise that over time will achieve what no individual could [Read More...]

Thomas: The Other Gospel of Judas

A review of Thomas, the Other Gospel by Nicholas Perrin (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2007). The Gospel of Thomas, attributed to “Didymus Judas Thomas”, is the extracanonical Gospel whose contents are taken most seriously in historical Jesus studies, as potentially connecting us in some way with the historical figure of Jesus. Nicholas Perrin’s recent book [Read More...]

Seeking Truth vs. Seeking Victory

I’m just sharing there to set them side by side, because the contrast is noteworthy. If the humanities are less ‘scientific’ than the natural sciences, clearly Intelligent Design is not even in the same league with the humanities. On the one hand, there is a beautiful statement that April DeConick made on her blog, about [Read More...]

Biblical Studies Carnival (You’ll Have To Hurry!)

Reposted from Abnormal Interests without modifications, since the time is short! _____________________________________ Please help Tyler with this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival. He is willing to pick up a bouncing ball for us but he also needs our help. You should submit your nominations for the Carnival, including your own posts, at ASAP. Tyler just [Read More...]

Animator vs. Animation II

There is a game, and now a movie, based on animation that rebels against its maker. No theological analysis for now…just entertainment. Enjoy! (Embedding it didn’t work, so you’ll have to click the link) [Read more...]

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

I finally watched BSG Razor last night and it was fantastic. Battlestar Galactica has been fantastic in raising key issues and challenging stereotypes, forcing viewers to ask difficult and uncomfortable questions that apply not simply to humans and cylons in the far-off reaches of space but to us today. Spoiler alert: I will be talking [Read More...]

News From The Heavens: On Titan’s Tots and Taurus’ Teens

I just want to share a couple of exciting bits of news from Scientific Blogging. One post announces the discovery of organic molecules in Titan’s atmosphere. Titan’s atmosphere resembles that which the early earth is thought to have had, and the molecules in question are the same sort created by humans in the lab, when [Read More...]