More From The Middle

I am starting to think that the blogosphere may have some form of intelligence or higher order of organization. It seems like disparate blogs intersect on the same theme around the same time. Yesterday I noticed this in relation to my post on the incarnation. Today I’ve found several people have mentioned ideas related to [Read More...]

The Radical Middle

I never thought I’d say this, but America might be better off if it had more prominent Fascist and Communist parties. In most European countries there are more than two parties that have a serious chance of having someone represented to parliament or an equivalent representative body, and the prime minister is usually the representative [Read More...]

Is the Incarnation part of Christianity’s core?

In discussing Philip Kitcher’s book with other faculty, one colleague referred to the ‘core of Christianity’. When I asked what the core consisted of, the two things he mentioned were incarnation and resurrection. To many, these might seem like absolute essentials, without which one is not dealing with anything that could be called “Christianity”. This [Read More...]

Authorial Intention

What is the role of an author’s intent in the interpretation of texts? As J. K. Rowling has weighed in on the details of the latest Harry Potter film (currently in production), this has been used to illustrate the broader interpretative issue, from the Constitution to the Bible. Let me also share the Free Rice [Read More...]

The Blog vs. The Book: Smackdown

Why blog? This is a question I am sure that many bloggers’ spouses ask them and/or themselves. In the case of academic bloggers there can be a further question: Why not spend this time writing a book. I have never seen the two as antithetical to one another (and still don’t). On the contrary, I [Read More...]

Meaning and Syntax

Perhaps the meaning in life is its syntax. The meaning of DNA comes not from the four letters of its ‘alphabet’, but from their interpretations in longer ‘sentences’. Likewise our words take on precision and depth when joined with other words. Syntax is not something added to the words, but something that arises from their [Read More...]

Dangerous Words

I have just finished reading what I would go so far as to say is one of the most helpful books I’ve read in recent years: Dangerous Words: Talking About God in the Age of Fundamentalism by Gary Eberle. Perhaps the unique contribution it makes is due to the fact that it was written by [Read More...]

What’s The Funniest Verse In The Bible?

What verse in the Bible do you find most amusing? It doesn’t have to be intended to be amusing – no need to restrict the question in that way. I’m just asking what verse you find most amusing, humorous or entertaining. For me, for a long time it has been Hebrews 13:22, where, at the [Read More...]

The Meanings of Life

What is the meaning of life? I finally feel I can answer this question, even if only partially, in the plural: life has multiple meanings. The meanings of life include… …the feeling you get in your soul (even if you aren’t sure you have one) when listening to Saint-Saens’ Organ Symphony.…the joy you experience when [Read More...]

Is Intelligent Design A Joke?

The Uncommon Descent blog posted a link to a page that the author of the post thought was worth looking at as an illustration of the problems with evolution. If you visit the original site, you will see that it is clearly an attempt at humor, not a critique of science. Apparently even some proponents [Read More...]

Taking the Bible Literally – ALL OF IT!

Given my penchant for discussing Biblical literalism on this blog, I must share this piece of news. Apparently a book has recently come out about the experiences of one man who tried to take the whole Bible completely literally – in every detail – for a year. I simply must read this book! It is [Read More...]