How to Get Free Manufacturer Coupons and Free Samples by Mail

I’ve written before about our coupon strategy and how we save thousands of dollars with coupons each year.  But there’s another way to save money that is actually a lot of fun and it doesn’t require much work on your part.

Companies still send coupons and free samples in the mail – yes, the old fashioned ‘snail’ mail.  All you have to do is request for them to send you the samples or coupons and they’ll mail it out to you.

Now here’s the catch (you knew there was a catch, didn’t you)…most of these places will send you free coupons and samples, but you have to provide your email to them.  That’s why I recommend creating a separate email like “yournamecoupons” and using that to sign up for these deals.

free-samples-by-mailHow to Get Free Coupons in the Mail

There are two ways to get companies to send coupons to you in the mail.  The first is a little old fashioned and will cost you a stamp an envelope and a pen and paper.  Yes, writing a short note to a company will usually results in a few coupons and even a sample or two, but it’s not the most cost-effective way to get coupons.

A much better way to get free coupons from manufacturers is to visit their promotions page on their corporate website.  It usually requires you to put in your email and address, plus it’s much quicker than writing out a letter.

Below is a list of places that will mail out coupons – but first a note on getting free samples.

How to Get Free Samples in the Mail

Almost every free sample comes with a few coupons, which makes seeking out free samples an even better deal.  A lot of companies will mail you free samples when you sign up for their newsletter.  Procter & Gamble is famous for their P&G Brand Sampler, which includes over $20 of coupons and free samples of their top brands.

The next best way to get a free sample is to use social media pages like Facebook and twitter.  It’s not uncommon to see brands giving away samples when you like a page or follow them, so if you’re OK with using your facebook page to get coupons and samples, there are plenty of places that will send you stuff!

10 Resources for Free Coupons and Samples

  • P&G Brand Sampler With over $20 of coupons and free samples, the P&G Brand Sampler is a really great deal.
  • P&G Home Made Simple Over $25 in savings for brands like Swiffer, Febreeze, and Cascade.
  • Kraft First Taste Receive free coupons for the newest Kraft products mailed directly to you.
  • Vocalpoint Coupons and samples from top brands like: Venus, Kelloggs, and PUR.
  • Purex Laundry Detergent (Video plays automatically on site)  Brand new samples of Purex Ultra Packs laundry detergent.
  • SC Johnson Free coupons and samples for Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Glade, Ziploc and more.
  • Shout Free sample of Shout color catcher.
  • Tide Laundry Detergent Sample Get the latest ‘Tide pods’ absolutely for free.
  • Invisible Glass Free glass cleaning wipes, coupons, and rebate.
  • Gerber Free coupons for baby food and samples for your baby.

If you do plan to email or write the company, be honest in your praise or complaint and share your suggestion or experience about the product.  Companies love to hear about real user experiences and often send out free stuff just because you took the time to write or email them.

What are your thoughts on getting free samples?  Do you like getting free things every now and then or do you consider it to be junk mail?

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  • Thad P

    That’s a great list of items and coupons available. And your idea about a separate email is really useful too.

  • Jen @ Master the Art of Saving

    I love free samples and the coupons that come with them. :-) I’ve gone to manufacturer websites and filled out their contact form instead of sending them snail mail, and most times they end up sending me coupons in the mail.

  • GetGreatCoffeeFrom Morris

    You idea about using a special email address is excellent. I have a special domain solely for the purpose of email requests like you mention.

    There is one gotcha though. I suspect one of the popular email services has allowed my email addressees to get leaked and I am flooded with spam. Since I own all the email addresses in the whole domain, I can dedicate one to each site. When I see that email address being spammed, I simply forward all content to the bit bucket.

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  • Alena

    Hi, thank you for a great advice.

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  • john merrell

    john l merrell 271 gaskey road salisbury,nc 28147-8950 usa yes i like to get all the couples in the mail please i dont have a print and i dont ever get any thing free in my mail im sad please help me thank you and god bless you.

  • Patti Teeters

    I love getting free samples and coupons in the mail. I have contacted manufacturers before about a faulty product I have bought and I get coupons for replacement product and cents off coupons. Thanks for the idea of a seperate email addy. Great idea! Thanks for your site.

  • Phoenixx More

    For anyone interested, here is a list of manufacturers that send coupons when you contact them:

    1. (2 .50¢ off coupons)

    2. ($1 off 3 products)

    3. (2 free Yakisoba, 2 other coupons)

    4. (2 $1 off coupons)

    5. (soon to be mailed, as told in email)

    6. (1 free product coupon up to $8)

    7. (8 buy 3 big cup noodles get 1 free coupons)

    8. (2 $1 off coupons, then received another set?)

    9. (2 $1 off 4 yocrunch coupons, 2 others)

    10. (multiple coupons)

    11. (2 $1.99 off any product coupons)

    12. (several coupons for diff products)

    13. (2 $1 off of 4 coupons)

    14. (soon to be mailed as told in email)

    15. (1 free product up to $6)

    16. (Unilever coupon sheet)

    17. (1 $1 off coupon)

    18. (2 free product coupons)

    19. (soon to be mailed as told in email)

    20. (soon to be mailed as told in email)

    I’ve had success with these and I am still waiting on a lot, I hope to post the rest on here soon!

  • Lori guevara

    I want it