Erykah Badu’s Allah Tattoo Gets Her Banned from Malaysia

Erykah Badu was planning a few concerts in Malaysia this week, including one in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. However, it seems like she’s out of luck. The concerts were cancelled after a Malaysian paper printed a photo of Erykah where one of her tattoos–the word “Allah” in Arabic script–was visible. In addition to that tattoo, she also has other tattoos in both Hebrew and Arabic. Tattoos are not permitted in Islam, and Erykah’s ink was considered super offensive. It is also forbidden to depict Allah in art, and tattoos fall under that rubric.

The newspaper that printed the photo of Erykah and her body art has issued an apology. However, Erykah is already in Malaysia, so maybe she could do a secret concert somewhere? Then again, considering that public officials called her tattoo “an insult to Islam,” it might be better if she kept a low profile. I hope at least that people who bought tickets got a refund instead of some kind of official government reprimand.

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