There Is Going to Be a Noah’s Ark Movie, Everybody

Although the not-that-successful Evan Almighty dealt with a modern man building an Ark, Hollywood clearly thinks there is room for more Noah movies. Darren Aronofsky, who directed Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream, is contracted to direct Noah, about the Biblical story. This movie won’t be a modern retelling – it’ll be a historical epic more in the style of The 10 Commandments, although probably easier on the cheese. Russell Crowe has signed on to play Noah, and Liam Neeson is also “circling another major role,” whatever that means (God? One of Noah’s sons?)

This movie could be terrible, but Aronofsky is a great director who has handled spiritual topics before. His first movie, Pi, is brilliant and deals with elements of Jewish mysticism. Let’s see if he can manage to imbue a mainstream flick with some spirituality.

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