Diablo Cody Tweets About Rescuing Jinger Duggar

Diablo Cody Tweets About Rescuing Jinger Duggar October 20, 2013

Her new movie, Paradise, is all about religion. In the movie, which was originally titled Lamb of God, a young religious woman (Julianne Hough) is in a terrible accident, which causes her to question G-d and run off to Las Vegas to see what sin feels like.

Well, it looks like screenwriter/director Diablo Cody had some pretty specific pop-culture inspirations for the movie: The Duggars. Particularly Jinger. Diablo recently tweeted that if Jinger ever wants to run away from her family, she can come live  with her in L.A. Below is an exchange she had with writer Lily Burana (a friend of FGP and author of the wonderful book I Love a Man in Uniform).







Ever since the first Duggar special aired on what was then Discovery Health, viewers have felt a particular alliance with Jinger. Maybe it’s because she got by far the worst of all the terrible J names. Or maybe it’s because she tends to roll her eyes and look “over it” when her family is doing yet another cheesy promo episode and using “purpose” as a verb.

Either way, Diablo is not the only person who wants to take Jinger away from her family. An entire popular message board, Free Jinger, was named in honor of the most rebellious-looking Duggar kid.

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