Guns ‘N Roses Guitarist Plays Israeli National Anthem

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, aka Ronald Blumenthal, is the lead guitarist for the current incarnation of Guns ‘N Roses, performed the Israeli national anthem at a recent show in Tel Aviv. He played unaccompanied, but audience members sang “HaTikva,” which is Hebrew for “The Hope.” After the song, the rest of the band came out and performed their song “Don’t You Cry.” Some people think the performance was a response to groups who want to divest from Israel, while some think it was just a rockin’ good time.

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  • Connor

    Violence based on Israel’s continued insistence on existence will end when the Islamic nations come to terms with this reality, and justice. They may still fight one another, but one excuse for their misbehavior will have ended – and all it takes is simple acceptance of historic justice and reality – Israel is and will always be, the Jewish homeland. That is reality, truth, and goodness. Whether the extreme Left will follow, and stop the bigoted and racist Israel-bashing will remain to be seen. Good for those who sing this song!Peace, all!