Lifetime’s Jodi Arias Movie Has a High Dose of Mormon

When the Jodi Arias trial captured headlines across the country this year, it seemed inevitable that a Lifetime movie would follow. And Lifetime delivered, making a movie called Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret, which premiered this past weekend with Lost star Tania Raymonde in the title role. Although the movie changes some stuff for drama (TODAY has a good roundup), I knew that the Mormon church was going to play a role in the movie. Jodi’s ex-boyfriend, whom she killed, was Travis Alexander, a devout Mormon whose faith was a major factor in his life. Jodi even converted and became LDS because she thought it would make him more likely to marry her. (Gawker has a highlight reel of the movie that includes the scene where Arias is baptized.)

Here’s a clip of the actual Jodi Arias talking about her conversion and the Mormon teachings about chastity at her trial:

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