40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip–TUES 2/19

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip– Tues 2/19.   The Auditory Lovestyle–Let your mate know you love him or her through all the senses.  Today, focus on his/her sense of hearing. Call your spouse up when he or she might least expect it to say, “I love you.”  Make sure you have at least 5 min to chat.  Before you hang up, say, “You know?  I really love that you… (fill in the blank).”

 ——For the next 40 days, Dr. Greg Popcak and More2Life Radio will offer a tip-a-day for improving your marriage. For more help creating an exceptional marriage, contact the Pastoral Solutions Institute to learn more about Catholic tele-counseling services. 740-266-6461.

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Dr. Gregory Popcak directs the Pastoral Solutions Institute, an organization dedicated to helping Catholics find faith-filled solutions to marriage, family, and personal problems. Together with his wife, Lisa, he hosts More2Life Radio. He is the author of over a dozen books integrating psychological insights with our Catholic faith. For more info about books, tele-counseling and other resources, visit www.CatholicCounselors.com.

  • Domestic Ginger

    I love these tips! I’m newly married, and it’s so generous of you to share ideas learned from experience with a newbie. I check your blog obsessively for each day’s tip. Thus, my marriage is growing happier, but I’m developing OCD! :)