Coming Tues to More2Life: Celebrating Marriage

Today, we join those in Washington, D.C. at the March for Marriage by celebrating the Gift of Marriage.  We’ll look at what makes marriage a blessing and offer great ideas for getting more from your relationship.  Call in with your questions about making your marriage great and your reflections about what makes your marriage a gift. 877-573-7825

Don’t forget to answer our FB questions of the day:

(FOR MARRIED PEOPLE)  What’s the best thing about being married to your spouse?

(FOR SINGLE PEOPLE)  What are you most looking for in a spouse?

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Dr. Gregory Popcak directs the Pastoral Solutions Institute, an organization dedicated to helping Catholics find faith-filled solutions to marriage, family, and personal problems. Together with his wife, Lisa, he hosts More2Life Radio. He is the author of over a dozen books integrating psychological insights with our Catholic faith. For more info about books, tele-counseling and other resources, visit