We Adore You, O Christ, and We Praise You. Because by Your Holy Cross, You Have Redeemed the World.

The Reproaches

(Click above link to listen to the St. Paul Cathedral Choir of London sing the Reproaches.)

1 and 2: My people, what have I done to you How have I offended you? Answer me!

1: I led you out of Egypt, from slavery to freedom, but you led your Savior to the cross. 2: My people, what have I done to you? How have I offended you? Answer me!

1: Holy is God! 2: Holy and strong! 1: Holy immortal One, have mercy on us!

1 and 2: For forty years I led you safely through the desert. I fed you with manna from heaven,ù and brought you to a land of plenty; but you led your Savior to the cross.

Repeat “Holy is God…”

1 and 2: What more could I have done for you. I planted you as my fairest vine, but you yielded only bitterness: when I was thirsty you gave me vinegar to drink, and you pierced your Savior with a lance.

Repeat “Holy is God…”


1: For your sake I scourged your captors and their firstborn sons, but you brought your scourges down on me.

(Repeated throughout by Choir 2) 2: My people, what have I done to you? How have I offended you? Answer me!

1: I led you from slavery to freedom and drowned your captors in the sea, but you handed me over to your high priests. 2: “My people….”

1: I opened the sea before you, but you opened my side with a spear. 2: “My people….”

1: I led you on your way in a pillar of cloud, but you led me to Pilate’s court. 2: “My people….”

1: I bore you up with manna in the desert, but you struck me down and scourged me. 2: “My people….”

1: I gave you saving water from the rock, but you gave me gall and vinegar to drink. 2: “My people….”

1: For you I struck down the kings of Canaan. but you struck my head with a reed. 2: “My people….”

1: I gave you a royal scepter, but you gave me a crown of thorns. 2: “My people….”

1: I raised you to the height of majesty, but you have raised me high on a cross. 2: “My people….”


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