Remember the People Who Didn’t Want Crying Babies At Church? Wanna Watch their Eyes Melt?

Pope Francis during a newborn mass inĀ  Buenos Aires, March 24th 2005. Photo source – Today’s Spanish newspaper EL PAIS.

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  • Theodore Seeber

    Yep, that’s about right. Of course, if you don’t like children in Mass, perhaps you should seek out a local religious order to celebrate with. It occurs to me that I’ve almost never seen children going to mass with the monks and seminarians at Mt. Angel.

    • Beccolina

      Ted, are you often at Mt. Angel? My aunt teaches there (or taught there at least; she may have retired recently).

      I’m waiting for the aghast folks pointing out that the mother is OMG BREASTFEEDING during mass. Without a cover-up! Stroke. Is. Immanent.

      • pittsburgh mama

        I noticed that. I think it’s wonderful. :) I still nurse my two-year-old sometimes at Mass, when a meltdown is otherwise imminent. Nobody’s ever said anything negative to me about it (I had one comment from an older woman once who proclaimed it “wonderful,” and then reassured me that I was very discreet and she only knew that’s what I was doing because she’d been there, done that.)