Powerful Reflection on Breastfeeding

You may have seen this viral video by Holly McNish’s poem on breastfeeding in publicYouTube Preview Image called, “Embarrassed.”    She uses some strong language–so, sensitive souls be warned–but she makes a powerful point.  I thought I’d pass it along for all you heroic moms who are self-donatively nursing your babies despite the funny looks or lack of support from family, friends or even the public-at-large.

Keep it up! You are changing the world.

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About Dr. Greg

Dr. Gregory Popcak directs the Pastoral Solutions Institute, an organization dedicated to helping Catholics find faith-filled solutions to marriage, family, and personal problems. Together with his wife, Lisa, he hosts More2Life Radio. He is the author of over a dozen books integrating psychological insights with our Catholic faith. For more info about books, tele-counseling and other resources, visit www.CatholicCounselors.com.

  • silicasandra

    Thank you for sharing this, Dr. Greg! I have been very fortunate that the worst I’ve gotten is glares when I feed my babies in public, but I love that this talks about more than just her personal experiences – she talks about what it means that mothers experience this at all, and that formula companies are very busy trying to export that to other countries. I also thought the “strong language” was really used in a way that made sense (not just as filler), so it bothered me much less than I thought it might have.

  • PaceBeneLC

    SO glad to see this on a CATHOLIC website, where it belongs…Breastfeeding is about families, after all–it’s one of the most pro-Life things we can do! Thank you–PaceBeneLC