A few tech-savvy readers found the link to the Eddie and Tracy Show I wrote about the other day.  I’ve had several people ask to be able to listen so… Here you go.    (I’m told it starts about 17:15 in)

Not knowing their style, you can tell I was a little stunned by their approach at first (they start insulting me in their introduction) but things picked up pretty quickly.  To be completely honest, I can’t bring myself to listen to it again, but I’ve been told it’s worth tuning in for.  Check it out if you are so inclined.

UPDATE:  It’s a slow loader.  It looks like it’s only 10:59 but if you wait 5 min it goes to 30 min.  It’s all there.

About Dr. Greg

Dr. Gregory Popcak directs the Pastoral Solutions Institute, an organization dedicated to helping Catholics find faith-filled solutions to marriage, family, and personal problems. Together with his wife, Lisa, he hosts More2Life Radio. He is the author of over a dozen books integrating psychological insights with our Catholic faith. For more info about books, tele-counseling and other resources, visit www.CatholicCounselors.com.

  • Lindsay

    Wow. Just… wow.

    The radio host doing most of the talking (Tracy?) actually sounds miserable to me. Although he claims that all of his sexual conquests have made him pretty happy (riiiiight), all I hear when he speaks is an emptiness.

    Thank you, Dr. Greg, for showing these shadows of men what true manhood is all about.

  • Carrie

    Dr. Popcak you did awesome!!!!!!!! Wow those guys were jerks! Well, one was sortof trying to understand what you were saying. The other guy was just talking over you the whole time. They made themselves look like idiots. I’m surprised you kept your train of thought and gave them as good as you got. You had a great attitude. I’m so impressed. Really only one of them was being a jerk, one was trying to listen. They said they want to bring you back, I hope they do. You were probably saying things that some of their listeners have never heard!

  • Barbara Fryman

    Not sure why you think you did poorly, it’s pretty well known that Tracy is a jerk. I thought Eddie was trying to give you a fair shake even though he thinks you are wrong. The only thing that I suggest you do differently is tell them that your personal experience has nothing to do with the actual scientific evidence. You were attempting to give him science and he asked personal questions that I feel are not relevant. If you’ve never had cancer can you not study cancer? Tracy claimed there are only two species that are monogamous, but there are at least twelve. He was emotional and irrational. He lost the argument.