Hey Moms and Dads! Check Out this Awesome Online Study of “Parenting with Grace”

Catholic Mom Blogger, Sarah, of CloverLane blog is doing a great job walking her readers through the high points of Parenting with Grace:  A Catholic Parent Guide to Raising (almost) Perfect Kids  Better still,  she’s bringing her own wisdom and experience to the table as a mom of 6.  Additionally there are some great insights and comments in the responses to her posts.  I hope you’ll go check it out and participate in the conversation.

Here are her introductory comments.

I recently found this book (I don’t remember how), waited forever for it to come into our library, and then loved it so much I went out and bought my own copy.  I have read it, and re-read it, and have highlighted, turned down corners and created some notes for myself that I want to remember.  The book is called Parenting With Grace-The Catholic Parents’ Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Kids by Greg and Lisa Popcak.  

The first time I read it, I told Jeff that the book, in essence, combined every favorite book I’ve read on parenting (from infant to teen), baby care, child development, education and Catholicism.  (It has a foreword written by Dr. Bill and Martha Sears.) It is deep and thoughtful, but useful and practical.  I have no idea how many readers of my blog are Catholic, and although this book is deeply rooted in our faith, I think that many parents of different faiths would find it as inspirational as I have.

I thought I would share my general notes from each chapter as I write them (and as time allows) because I think this book contains powerful messages about parenting-different from what we parents often hear today. I highly recommend this book, and I am a little worried I won’t do it justice-I have so much highlighted!, but I want to stick this information into my brain.

Everything in quotations can be directly attributed to the authors, unless otherwise noted.  These are my own very brief personal notes/interpretation/things I want to remember.

Go read the rest at Clover Lane!

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About Dr. Greg

Dr. Gregory Popcak directs the Pastoral Solutions Institute, an organization dedicated to helping Catholics find faith-filled solutions to marriage, family, and personal problems. Together with his wife, Lisa, he hosts More2Life Radio. He is the author of over a dozen books integrating psychological insights with our Catholic faith. For more info about books, tele-counseling and other resources, visit www.CatholicCounselors.com.

  • Kim Cameron-Smith

    Thumbs up! When I found Parenting with Grace about 5 years into my parenting vocation, I felt like you and Lisa were saying what had been on my mind for a long time. I had always felt that my Catholicism was in one corner and my parenting style was in another, because none of the Catholic parenting books I’d read gave a complete picture of what I felt we need to consider in raising our children. Your book has been my parenting bible for many years now. I made little summaries of all the chapters on ages and stages and put them in my household organizer for quick reference and encouragement!