Come Away, My Beloved–Do You Know How Much God Desires You?


Here is a piece I did yesterday for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend's My Year of Faith Project.   It's a great website and a terrific opportunity to get more out of this Year of Faith.  Check it the website here.  My article will run next week but here's a preview! Come Away, My Beloved. Let him kiss me with kisses of the mouth!  More delightful is your love than wine! (Song of Songs 1:1)             Is there anything more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day?  Is … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Sacraments in the “Domestic Church”

1st Comm

Here is a piece I wrote yesterday for Pittsburgh Catholic Parent magazine (a quarterly publication of the Diocese of Pittsburgh) on some simple ways parents can help their kids (and themselves!) get more out of their experience of the sacraments. Supporting the Sacraments:  What Parents Can Do to Help Their Kids' Faith Stick. Dr. Greg Popcak               Whether, Baptism, first Confession, First Communion, or Confirmation, preparing to receive the Sacraments is a big step in … [Read more...]

Why Religious People Really ARE Compassionate AND Why Atheists are (more likely) Codependent

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About a year ago, the media was all abuzz with a study that purported to show that religious people were less compassionate than non-believers. You can imagine why the press loved this research.  It showed the moral superiority of the godless against the godly.  I wasn't blogging here at the time, but I remembered the study well because I discussed on my radio program.  Based on the methodology of the study--which involved participants watching an emotionally manipulative video (a'la that … [Read more...]


Hi all, Sorry for the limited blogging this week.  Besides getting ready for the holiday, I have three radio appearances today alone.  I discussed the Vatican & ADHD article I posted here last week on the Sonrise Morning Show at 7:45AM (E).  I'll be on Busted Halo with Fr. Dave Dwyer talking about how to get the marriage conversation right.  And, of course, there's my own show at noon. That, plus a few articles due by Friday and a full slate of clients between now and Wed has me a … [Read more...]

Coming Mon on More2Life Radio: Marriage Fireworks!

Coming Mon on More2Life:  Marriage Fireworks--As we get ready for the 4th of July we'll talk about ways to bring the spark back in your marriage AND ways to overcome those discussions that tend to blow up in your face PLUS, Frank and Julie LaBoda of Retrouvaille, join us to talk about the stages of marital rediscovery. Call in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with your questions about how to persevere under pressure. Can’t get M2L on a Catholic radio station near … [Read more...]

The Lies We Believe


We believe so many lies about ourselves.  We believe we're hopeless, that we can never change, that things will never change, that nothing we do matters, that we don't deserve love or goodness or justice or dignity or a million other things.  We are trapped by the lies we tell ourselves and the lies that others tell us.   Consolations V. Desolations Jesus told us that  the truth will set us free (c.f., Jn 8:32).  St Ignatius of Loyola developed a system of discernment that … [Read more...]

Getting the Marriage Conversation Right–Responding to objections

Nicole asks some important questions that I thought it might be helpful to respond to in a post.  Here comments are in italics and my comments are interspersed. So what about the gay or lesbian couple who doesn't *want* to have kids? Can we deign to let them marry? Maybe have a sticker on their marriage license: "no children were harmed in the making of this marriage." DR. GREG:  LOL.  That's a cute idea in theory.  But do you hear how discriminatory and patronizing that is?  "Yes, … [Read more...]

The Marriage Debate: What NOT to Do (and What TO do instead)

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There is really no way to put a smiley face on it.  Yesterday's SCOTUS decisions dealt a serious blow to the marriage movement.  The decision was not as catastrophic as it could have been.  One scenario had SCOTUS pulling a "Roe" and, by judicial fiat, granting a federal right to gay marriage in all 50 states.  As  I noted on the air yesterday, the decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 are the equivalent of having one's legs cut off instead of one's head.  Yes, one's better than the other, … [Read more...]