Our Church teaches us that families are called to be “Schools of Love and Virtue”  where children learn all the virtues that help them live life as a gift.  For a significant number of children the story may be very different. Children who are bullied by siblings several times a week in early adolescence are twice as likely to become clinically depressed as young adults, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. The bullied kids are also twice… Read more

Evidence shows that children with ADHD do better and can take lower doses of stimulant medications when they receive behavioral therapy along with ADHD drugs. “Treatment of ADHD in children generates lots of controversy, primarily because of potential for overuse and abuse of stimulant medications,” said Dr. Walid F. Gellad, the study’s lead author and an adjunct scientist at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. “We wanted to find out among those who receive ADHD medications, how many are also receive… Read more

As much as we might try to leave personal lives at home, the personality traits of a spouse have a way of following us into the workplace, exerting a powerful influence on promotions, salaries, job satisfaction and other measures of professional success, new research suggests. When it comes to pay raises, promotions and other measures of career success,  the husband or wife at home may be exerting a bigger influence on workplace performance than we think, suggests new research from… Read more

Exposure to verbal and physical aggression between parents may hurt a child’s ability to identify and control emotions, according to a longitudinal study. Exposure to conflict…in the home can shape children’s neurobiological, cognitive, and behavioral responses. “Our study points to ways in which aggression between parents may powerfully shape children’s emotional adjustment,” says C. Cybele Raver, professor of applied psychology at NYU Steinhardt and the study’s lead author. “Arguing and fighting is psychologically stressful for the adults caught in conflict;… Read more

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.”  A new study from Rutgers and the University of Michigan proves how true that is! When it comes to a happy marriage, a new Rutgers study finds that the more content the wife is with the long-term union, the happier the husband is with his life no matter how he feels about their nuptials. “I think it comes down to the fact… Read more

A new study suggests that the way a mom feels about responding to her child’s cries may indicate the presence of unresolved–and perhaps unrecognized–childhood wounds. The research found that moms who either come from healthy families-of-origin OR have successfully resolved their childhood issues tend to respond more sensitively and compassionately to their baby’s cries, seeing those cries as a call for help.  By contrast, moms who had not adequately come to terms with their own negative childhood experiences tended to… Read more

Kim Cameron-Smith, founder of IntentionalCatholicParenting.com and More2Life Radio Contributor just let me know that The Fall 2014 issue of Tender Tidings, CAPC’s FREE parenting magazine, is now available! In this issue: ~Hospitality: Making a House a Home ~Marriage: Does your spouse feel like a priority in your life? ~Balance: Simplifying our homes and our calendars ~Dr. Greg answers some stumpers from real parents. Is it wrong to practice yoga in order to relax? What should we do if an older… Read more

“the person is a good toward which the only proper and adequate attitude is love.” -Pope St. John Paul the Great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9LGBBWTGgk Take a moment to learn the names of the people who serve you in some way every day. Let them know that they are a person to you. Read more

Parenting is a tough job.  Every parent wants to raise successful, healthy kids but there are so many challenges.  And now, as states begin legalizing marijuana, our children are faced with even more pressures that make staying drug-free, alcohol-free, and tobacco-free harder. The good news is that new research shows that two simple parenting strategies can help you raise kids who are much more likely to stay clean and sober. 1.  Don’t Play Favorites. The study showed that kids who… Read more

A few weeks back, I reported on a new study that pounded yet another nail in the coffin of the theory that depression is caused by low serotonin.   You can read that original post here as well as the follow up post wherein I responded to a question from a reader asking if I was trying to say that people who suffered with depression were to blame for their struggles (short answer:  no.) Over at PsychCentral, one of the… Read more

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