Do YOU Have What It Takes? 4 Promises That Lead to a Happier Marriage

Celebrate National Marriage Week with FaithontheCouch as we explore what it takes to live a more loving, joyful, grace-filled marriage!Do You Have What it Takes to Get to "Happily Ever After?"Almost every newly married couple has two things in common.  First, they are deeply in love with … [Read More...]


You Can Pass on Trauma Through Your Genes: New Study Finds

Genetic changes stemming from the trauma suffered by Holocaust survivors are capable of being passed on to their children, the clearest sign yet that one person’s life experience can affect subsequent generations.The conclusion from a research team at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital led by Rache … [Read More...]

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The Corporal Works of Mommy and Daddy: Living the “Little Way” of Family Life

In preparation for our oldest child's First Communion, we were reviewing the various Works of Mercy.  When he heard that they included things like feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty and … [Read More...]


Breastfeeding Could Save Lives of Over 800,000 Babies & 20,000 Moms Annually

New report in the British Medical Journal The Lancet.  H/T HuffPo New research highlights the economic advantages of exclusive and continued breastfeeding in rich and poor countries alike, and the … [Read More...]

All Hell Breaks Loose: The Prodigal’s Brother

Guest post by Dave McClow, M.Div, LMFT.  Clinical Pastoral Counseling Assoc. of the Pastoral Solutions InstituteThe immensity and beauty of the Grand Canyon are an inexhaustible mystery for me.  T … [Read More...]

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Releasing Resentment: 5 Steps to Overcoming Bitterness and Increasing your Peace

No one wants to be bitter.  It sneaks up on us.  Bitterness is unforgiveness fermented.    The more we hold onto past hurts the more we become drunk on our pain and the experience can rob us of the jo … [Read More...]

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4 Steps to Changing Your Life

My latest for OSV's Daily Take Whether or not you’ve made any New Year’s resolutions, this is a natural time to reflect on the changes we might like to make in our lives. Unfortunately, a lot of eff … [Read More...]

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HOW CAN I GET THEM TO LISTEN?!? The Secret of Cultivating Discipleship Hearts In Your Children

Every parent wants their children to listen to them, not just about the requests and directives they make, but about the faith and moral lessons they want to pass on.  But how can you get them to … [Read More...]

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Speaking Ill of the Dead: Why is the Media Silent on David Bowie’s Sexual Abuse of Minors?

WARNING:  POST FEATURES DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL ACTS AND STRONG LANGUAGE.The movie Spotlight highlights the media's rightful role in holding the Catholic Church accountable for the abuse scandals. … [Read More...]


Filters Don’t Keep Kids Safe Online–New Study Finds.

Michigan State criminal justice professor Thomas J. Holt, found that about one in four children said they were pressured by their friends online to talk about sex when they didn’t want to. The study i … [Read More...]