The FaithWalkers Daily — Nov. 12: Petraeus Affair, Fiscal Cliffs, Fewer TV Viewers

  • General David Petraeus Resigns from CIA over Extra-Marital Affair

Respected General David Petraeus resigned as Director of the CIA last Thursday, citing an extra-marital affair with a woman later identified as his biographer.

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A Few Thoughts

Psalm 51 tells the story of David’s repentant heart, another renowned general who stumbled in a similar fashion. A Biblical response would be to pray for all involved, for forgiveness and healing for the General’s 38-year marriage, and that the situation not further confuse the investigation for the truth about what happened in Benghazi, Libya. The incident should also serve as a warning to all leaders to guard our hearts and relationships closely so that we and those close to us would not be caused to stumble.

“Guard your heart, for out of it proceed the issues of life.”


  • Network TV Ratings Drop Sharply

Viewership among 18-49 year-olds was down 10% at ABD, Fox, and CBS causing concern for advertisers. Only NBC saw an increase of 22%.

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 A Few Thoughts

I wish I could conclude that more people are spending their time being active with their families and less watching television, but the advent of DVR’s and Internet viewing don’t take me there. It should cause those in ministry/media efforts to reconsider the wise use of limited resources. It should also remind all of us to keep first things first when it comes to how much times we spend in our television viewing habits.

What could you do of eternal significance in the hour it takes to watch another television episode?


  • Fiscal Cliff Moves Both Sides toward Compromise. Maybe.

Our national debt is once again rapidly approaching the legal limit, forcing a showdown between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. Both agree the limit has to be raised, but disagree about how to go about it. Some argue that we should cut spending instead of raising the debt limit.

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A Few Thoughts

Not to worry, Rep. Barney Frank calls Moody’s actions “nonsense.”  I’m relieved. The bigger Biblical picture here has to do with the moral question of such crushing national debt. Since the Bible clearly discourages debt (“Own no man anything.” “The borrower is servant to the lender.”), what would be a God-honoring approach to our continuing debt pile-up? If it is morally wrong, how stiffly should a debt increase be resisted?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results.

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