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  • President Obama’s Inauguration, Formal Ceremony Today

The Basics —

 President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term by Chief Justice John Roberts yesterday, January 20, as required by the Constitution in a private ceremony in the White House. The formal ceremony on the rear of the Capitol building takes place today.

Dig Deeper:

  • Via Fox News, Obama Advisor David Plouffe says education, guns, and immigration are at the top of Obama’s agenda. Curiously, not the economy, now that the election is over. Key graph regarding the debt ceiling: “However, he said, the administration doesn’t think short-term solutions are “good for the economy” and that the answer to Washington gridlock is Republicans compromising more.” [emphasis mine]
  • Quick take of Obama’s first term by the numbers. Debt then: $10.6 Trillion. Now: $16.4 Trillion
  • Via The Washington Examiner, Hugh Hewitt says at least half the country is gloomy today. Key graph: “No wonder the mood in the country is gloomy and the prospects for a surge in growth or confidence low to nonexistent. The bills for Obamacare are coming due, another terrorist attack from al Qaeda has claimed American blood, and the trillion-dollar coin absurdity merged into magazine clip debates as the public debate slipped into serial inanity…. This is the backdrop to today’s speech. Even on the Left, there isn’t much hope in the president or enthusiasm for his policies.”
  • After Louie Giglio bowed out of the Inaugural prayer for being a Christian, the invocation will be give by Myrlie Evers-Williams, the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers. No word yet on her view of the diety of Christ, about which some people may be offended.

A Few Thoughts…

Today’s symbolic inaugural ceremony has some historic significance since it occurs on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, commemorating the man who fought so voraciously for civil rights for all and President Obama’s father was of African descent. Considering King’s call to judge a man on the content of his character and not the color of his skin, I’m not so certain King would be celebrating today. And as to Republicans compromising more, how much more could there be to give away? Nevertheless, God’s call to us is to pray for those in authority over us. My inaugural prayer for President Obama will come later this morning. Be sure to take a moment this day — and many others to come — to pray for him and all our leaders, including our local officials.

The President’s heart is in the hand of the Lord.



  • Algerian Hostage Crisis Turns into Bloodbath

The Basics —

 The hostage crisis in Algeria took a dramatic turn for the worse over the weekend as Algerian Special forces repeatedly stormed the compound held by al-Qaeda affiliates. No hostages survived, including several Americans.

Dig Deeper:

  • Via Fox News, based on the grisly findings, there is little evidence that negotiating was ever a goal for the jihadist group. Death toll at 81. Key graph:

The militants came from six countries, were armed to cause maximum destruction and mined the Ain Amenas refinery, which the Algerian state oil company runs along with BP and Norway’s Statoil, said Algerian Communications Minister Mohamed Said. The militants “had decided to succeed in the operation as planned, to blow up the gas complex and kill all the hostages,” he said in a state radio interview.

  • Via Fox News, the death toll continues to rise as countries track down who was at the plant.
  • Via The UK Daily Mail, the jihadists came from around the globe, including Canada, some worked for BP, and were closely affiliated with al-Qaeda.
  • Via The Daily Caller, Mark Steyn says US should have rescued the hostages and “screw the Algerian sovereignty.” Key graphs: We got into a lot of trouble in Libya from over-respecting the sovereignty of nations that cannot enforce their own sovereignty. And that’s what we should have done in Algeria, too…. I mean, ‘Algerian special forces’ is something of a contradiction in terms.”
  • Via The Financial Times, Europe saying that North Africa may be the next Afghanistan.
  • It should be noted that Mitt Romney brought up the problems in Northern Africa twice at the third Presidential debate and was mocked by The New York Times and others for doing so.

A Few Thoughts…

 In all fairness to the Obama administration, there were logistical hurdles to consider in this scenario. But given what happened in Benghazi not long ago, however, it’s only natural that some question the wisdom of outsourcing the rescue of Americans to poorly trained and possibly bribed Algerian forces. What should get our attention is the reality that Islamic jihadists were never just upset at our previous President, or concerned about our being in Iraq or Afghanistan. Clearly not, as we have bailed in both arenas and they continue to press their agenda. Their goal is nothing short of world domination by Islamic law. It is a battle of worldviews.

It remains to be seen if the West even knows what we are fighting for anymore.




  • Second Amendment Rallies Arise across the US

The Basics —

 Thousands of protesters attended “Guns Across America” rallies on Saturday designed to show support for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms as the Obama administration and others pressed forward with attempts to restrict those rights.

Dig Deeper:

  • Via Reuters, Pro Second Amendment rallies took place Saturday across the US. This key graph from the reporting points to one of the problems with the media bias:On Sunday, gun-control advocates plan to hold a National Gun Prevention Sabbath, where they say 150 houses of worship will call on the faithful to advocate for an “actionable plan to prevent gun violence.” People who have lost loved ones to gun violence will display their photographs, organizers said.
  • One of the more in-depth stories on the rallies comes not from the US press but from the UK Mail. Key graph that reflects the sentiment of the rallies: ‘The thing that so angers me, and I think so angers you, is that this president is using children as a human shield to advance a very liberal agenda that will do nothing to protect them,’ said state Rep. Steve Toth, referencing last month’s elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn.
  • NBC News notes that mentally-ill is a very vague category that can be applied to just about anyone as needed.
  • Via Hot Air, the real scoop on the reports of shootings at gun shows Saturday.
  • If you haven’t yet seen Ben Shapiro dismantle Piers Morgan and make the case for the Second Amendment, you must watch it now.

A Few Thoughts…

I mentioned the media bias above regarding the photos of victims of gun violence. No one in the media seems to be rushing to show the photos of mass graves filled by the many tyrants who first disarmed the populace before exterminating all resistance. History shows repeatedly that an armed population is the last line of defense against tyranny. As Frederick the Great put it, “The passions of princes are restrained only by exhaustion.” James Madison followed: “It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.” A biblical understanding of men calls for us to expect sinful leaders to be prone to overreach in their quest for power. Wisdom demands that we provide real checks on that desire.

“A free people ought to be armed. ” ~ George Washington


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A Little Something to Grow Your Faith….

The plain fact is that no free and lasting civilization anywhere in history has so far been built on atheist foundations. At the very least it would be a welcome change for secularists to shift from their strident attacks on religiously based virtues to building their own replacements and attempting to persuade a majority of their fellow citizens of their merits. ~ Os Guinness

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