Angels in the hospital room

On this day when the Church honors the Guardian Angels, I remember the first time I ever heard a real-life story about angelic intervention, which was well before I was Catholic or even Christian. It was about 1993 or perhaps the spring of 1994, and my mother and I were visiting our friend Charles E. Striffler, who had recently been released from the hospital after a long stay being treated for a disease of the immune system.

Not having seen Charles since his illness began, I was surprised on this visit to find him different than I remembered him. Charles, who I’m fairly sure was Catholic, had always been a kind person, but now he was more than kind. There was a peaceful and even beatific aura about him, despite the fact that he was suffering a great deal.

He told my mother and me that, while he was in the hospital, he was visited by two angels.

It was on a day that he was in great pain, the most intense he had ever experienced, and the staff could not (or perhaps would not) do anything to assuage it. In the midst of his agony, two men, whom Charles was convinced were really angels, came to him and rubbed an ointment upon him. Today I would guess that one of them was Charles’ Guardian Angel and the other was St. Raphael, the Archangel of healing, who in the book of Tobit directs Tobias to make an ointment that heals Tobit’s eyes.

After anointing Charles with the ointment, the angelic men left as mysteriously as they came. Charles was miraculously healed of his pain and able to return home for a time. He died September 8, 1994, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I pray for his repose—as we are called to do for all the dead—and, believing he died at peace with God, I ask his prayers as well.

What is your Guardian Angel story?

  • Stephen Sparrow

    About eight years ago Anne and I went to a healing service conducted by Fr John Rea – a priest with a well known healing charism. Anyway, Anne sought not so much healing but prayers for our various children scattered around the world – esp for Will in London. Next day while driving we received a text from Will to say he is sure he had an encounter with an angel. When we got the opportunity we had a phone catch up. He said he had been dealing with female manager at the bank over money matters and afterward crossed London by tube and bus and two hours later was about to enter a shop to buy some item when a man approached him and said, “Sir, you’ve left your card at the Bank.” Will immediately fumbled for his wallet to check and then looked up to thank the stranger only to see him vaguely/opaquely disappearing. He thought ‘how did he know that?’ so retracing his steps he returned to the Bank and the woman there said “Oh we’ve been trying to catch you on your mobile – you left your card here.” We checked the timing and the incident occurred about three hours after Anne’s request for prayers from Fr Rea. Angelic assistance? You bet.

  • Synchronickity

    I was attacked with a demonic “curse” which I gave 0% credence to after it was done – I was told it was done to me after the fact. It was to deliver me to my enemy, a global crime family along with two other unspeakable things. A few months later after I had forgotten about the incident, I took up a new job at a company. The company handles an illegal service that steals from others with a strong veil of legitimacy. While not being attacked physically, I was attacked spiritually in ways too gruesome to discuss in my time there. I was setup repeatedly, and blackmailed to keep working there. After a few years of this, I prayed to God to help me understand what was happening. Tons of books came into my life synchronously which explained the metaphysics of the demons exactly. Months after, I learned that attack done to me was what got me in the situation. I learned how to banish the demonic attack by bringing God in. I specifically asked Archangel Gabriel, God’s Strength to show me a way out. I intuitively knew exactly what to do while reading a book about Archangel Gabriel. The plan was PERFECT and countered the demonic blackmail in a way that would destroy their operation if they used it. I actually hope they do – that is how powerful God’s attack was against them. I thank our Almighty Father profusely for sending his angels to help and for his protection against the attacks I’m still under after escaping that hell. Thanks for reading, much love to you – awesome article too!

  • Barb S.

    Before I was born, my father was an alcoholic who struggled with his addiction and depression for over 12 years of marriage, often leaving his family without money as he disappeared for weekends, leaving my Mother and two older brothers to pray the rosary together in desperation. As my Mom said many years later, “I didn’t know what else to do, so I prayed.” Sometimes, the local police would call to have him picked up at the station. Once he was found passed out behind the rear wheel of a parked car. About a month before I was due, he tried to kill himself with rat poison. Recovering in the hospital, he excitedly told of a visitor, dressed in long robes, who entered his room, asked how he was doing, and said “You’ll be okay.” As the man left, my father ran to the hallway to see where he went, but no one was there. He stopped drinking, attended weekly Mass faithfully as well as frequent weekly novenas, became a loving father and husband who did his very best to provide for his family, for the rest of his life, 16 more years.

  • Bren

    23 yrs ago, when my daughter was almost 4 yrs old, she came down with the chicken pox and within days one of the pox was infected with a flesh eating virus. She was hospitalized and was gravely ill, close to death. I remained at her bedside praying for her life! She had been there several days and was growing weaker and weaker when three men in business suits entered her quarantined room. One of the men said he was the hospital chaplain and the other two men were his associates. They asked if they could pray for my daughter and with a grateful heart I implored them to stay and pray. We prayed for my little girl and when they departed they left a coloring book for her. Suddenly I, decided to ask them when they would return so I went out into the hall to speak with them but they were gone. I asked the nurse when the chaplain would visit our room again and the nurse said he had left the previous week and would be gone for the month! I told her that was impossible because he had just left our room with his two associates. The nurse said she had not seen any men visiting our floor or pass the nurses station (right outside our room) that day and it was definitely not the chaplain. I went to several rooms on the floor, to ask the parents of other ill children whom I had befriended, if the men had visited their rooms and they all said “No, we have not had any visitors and did not see the men on the floor”. I went back to my daughters’ room and she was sitting in her bed with the coloring book on her lap. She took a turn for the better that day, the swelling which had distorted her face/head began to shrink, the fever of 105 began to subside and she began to talk again. Within the week she was out of bed playing down the hall in the play room! She recovered and was left with just a tiny scar on her cheek where her wound had been lanced.
    I know these men had to be angels sent from God to heal my baby! I even stopped by the chaplains office the day of the visit, and the next day and the next just to be sure he wasn’t back from his hiatus but the office was empty and dark.