UPDATED: Please pray for Mommy Life blogger Barbara Curtis

UPDATE, 9:45 p.m.: Elizabeth Foss reports that Barbara has passed away.

Barbara was a true Proverbs 31 woman of valor. I am thankful to have known her, albeit mostly from a distance, and am so sorry that she is gone. Please remember her now and during the month of All Souls, and keep her family in your prayers.

 Original post follows:

I am distressed to learn that Mommy Life blogger Barbara Curtis, mother of 12 (four of whom have Down syndrome), suffered a massive stroke Sunday and is not expected to regain consciousness. Please pray for her, her husband Tripp, and all her family.

The Washington Post featured Barbara and Tripp’s story four years ago in a profile that is still available online. One of the children who appears in the photo accompanying the article, Maddy, is now a student at Catholic University. At the time Barbara was stricken, she was engaged in an effort to raise funds to pay Maddy’s tuition for the spring semester. Barbara’s friend Elizabeth Foss is now continuing the fund-raising effort, so visit her blog if you would like to help.

Three years ago, Maddy was a contestant on American Idol. Here is her audition segment, including an interview with Barbara and Tripp. You can also see Barbara at the end of the clip. The song is Leonard Cohen‘s “Hallelujah.”

On a personal note, Barbara , who has been a blog pal of mine for some years, is the second friend of mine in the past few days to be suddenly taken ill (the first was Deirdre McQuade, who is healing wonderfully but still in need of prayers). So I would like to take this opportunity to remind anyone reading this that, if you were to fall ill tomorrow, one thing you would not regret is having gone to Confession and Mass today. The fact that illness or death can happen to any of us at any time is all the more reason to stay close to Christ in the sacraments.

  • http://stuckonlunatic.blogspot.com/ Heather P

    I’m facebook friends with Barbara and I saw people commenting earlier that they were praying for her & her family. Please post updates as you get them. I will be praying for her. I was so worried that this would happen where she had been on the blood thinners for her broken leg & blood mass in her abdomen.

    • Dawn Eden

      Heather, if you are on Facebook, you may receive updates before I do, as I am not so plugged in. If you do get any additional news, please post it here.

      • http://stuckonlunatic.blogspot.com/ Heather P

        Will do! I just checked this morning and there has been no posting. This is truly devastating.

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  • http://www.catholicbandita.com Lisa Graas

    I am sad.

  • Christopher Lake

    I did not know of Barbara and her wonderful witness until tonight. I will be praying for her, her family, and the doctors who are taking care of her. Lord, have mercy.

  • http://heidihesssaxton.blogspot.com Heidi Saxton

    Barbara’s neighbor, Elizabeth Foss, has set up a Paypal donation account for the Curtis family — in particular to raise the money Maddy needs to return to college next term. Please give as generously as you can.


    • Dawn Eden

      Thanks, Heidi. Perhaps you missed the reference to it above.

  • http://www.ironiccatholic.com IC

    Beyond the tragedy for this family, I have to admit, I am ticked at CUA. A family of twelve and they can’t find financial aid???!!! I am indeed praying for all them.

    • Dawn Eden

      I wondered about that too …

    • Carlos Helms

      Financial aid doesn’t cover it all – and with such a large family, five or six grand (of the $40K/yr tuition) is difficult to come up with. That said, my prayers are for Barbara and her family.

  • maryann perna

    As a cousin of Barbara’s, I am deeply saddened by this turn of events! My thoughts and prayers are with her and the whole family at this time.

  • http://cause-of-our-joy.blogspot.com Leticia Velasquez

    I am so saddened to hear this. Barb is a friend and a role model for me as a special needs mom and writer.
    Barb allowed me to use her wonderful story “A Little Extra” about Jon, her oldest son with Down syndrome, in my book. We met at the Pro-life Blog Awards Ceremony in 2009 in DC and have corresponded ever since. She and I were collecting tesimonies from those who had received answers to prayer after asking for the intercession of Servant of God Dr Jerome Lejeune, so I feel that she would want us to beg for his intercession on her behalf. Here is an article she wrote recently on Dr Lejeune, who we feel might be the patron saint of those with Down syndrome. Dr Lejeune, pray for her!

  • Manny

    So sad. I think I was reading one of her blogs last week or so. May God grant her eternal rest and hopefully her family, especially the children, are in good hands.

  • Eileen Meinert

    I have only been reading Barbara a few months. I had hoped to meet her one day. I am a Montessori mom, would-be writer, and just read one of her books. I just got to know her and admire her. I cried when I saw the news. The only thing I can do is take that bit of her spirit that I received through her writing, carry it with me, and pour it out through my actions however I am able. My deep condolences to her family and loved ones.

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  • http://anitacrane.com anita crane

    Thanks Dawn. I join you and Leticia in grieving Barbara’s loss. I will try to let Glenn Beck know because he admired Barbara. May she rest in peace and everlasting joy! May her husband and children live in peace.

  • http://aspecialmotherisborn.blogspot.com/ Leticia Velasquez

    I am honored to consider Barbara a friend and mentor, we both have children with Down syndrome and worked together collecting names of those who have asked for the intercession of Servant of God, Dr Jerome Lejeune for a miracle. Here is a tribute to my dear friend Barb. http://causa-nostrae-laetitiae.blogspot.com/2012/11/barbara-curtis-requiescat-in-pace.html

  • http://www.thetheologyoflaundry.blogspot.com Marissa Nichols

    Eternal Rest grant unto her, oh Lord, and let the perpetual light shin upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen

  • Linda

    What happened to mommylife.net? We’ve been following Tripp’s journey. Went to check it today and it’s gone.